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child decorating gingerbread men with sprinkles

How to Host a Children’s Baking Party

Lorraine Winter

Baking is a fantastic activity to do with children. From creating savoury treats to delicious sweets there are many different things you can make with your party guests. But, it can soon dissolve into a chaotic mess if you aren’t…

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The Modern Party Bag – What Children Will Appreciate Now

Lorraine Winter

Your party preparations are in full swing, you’ve hit the nail on the head when it comes to cake, your decorations are to die for, and your musical choices are sure to go down a treat. But then the dreaded…

10 Kid’s Birthday Parties Do’s and Don’ts

Lorraine Winter

Birthday party etiquette – it can be the thing that helps the birthday party itself, alongside planning, flow smoothly. Or it can trip you up, creating a sea of diplomatic nightmares. What are the do’s and don’ts of birthday party…

5 Tips for Creating an Awesome Adult & Kid-Friendly Party

Lorraine Winter

Parties are great, aren’t they? We love it when people get together, share stories and laughter, making memories for themselves and their children. But it can be tough hosting a party that adults and children enjoy in equal measure. If…

Star Wars: Baby Costume Ideas!

Lorraine Winter

Star Wars is a film franchise that has long been held in high regard by a global audience. This is more than just simple popularity. This is a following by an audience that only a few other franchises or films…

Party bags ideas for girls!

Lorraine Winter

Birthday parties, Hallowe’en, Christmas and so on, are all times of the year that we want to celebrate. Partying with friends is a great way to mark a birthday and this is certainly true for boys and girls of all…