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child painting a face on a paper plate

6 Easy After-School Boredom Busting Activities

Lorraine Winter

The kids have been back at school for a few weeks now and after school boredom is starting to get to them. Fill the void between coming home time and tea time with these entertaining and fantastic boredom busting activities…

phone with notebook that says make it happen

How Phone Apps Can Upgrade Your Party Organising

Lorraine Winter

Party organising has never been easier thanks in part to the array of apps available. We take a look at some of our favourite party organising apps that we’ve come across. Which apps would you add to the list? Some…

chocolate covered cake pops

5 Fun Birthday Cake Alternatives

Lorraine Winter

We know it’s a tradition as old as singing ‘Happy Birthday’ but we need to be honest – not everyone enjoys indulging in a birthday cake. From just not being a cake fan to finding the combination of towering tiers…

teddy bear dressed in Scottish clothing

5 Tips for Hosting a Teddy Bear Picnic

Lorraine Winter

Teddy bear picnics are now so popular that they are celebrated with their very own day every July. Perfect for toddlers (and older children too!), they are an easy, relatively-mess-free birthday party. In this blog, we explore tips for hosting…

gifts wrapped in decorated brown parcel paper

Do Classroom Gifts Help Students?

Lorraine Winter

Many teachers like to reward their students for all their hard work during the year with a gift. Do these end-of-year gifts have a positive effect? And what kind of gifts are suitable? A gift is a wonderful thing to…

coloured mason jar party supplies with labels attaches

Why Mason Jars are one of the Best Party Supplies

Lorraine Winter

We’ve long known the versatility of the mason in the kitchen and around the home, but did you know it is also fantastic during party season?   How Can You Use Mason Jars As Party Supplies? Available in a range…

a father walking through the forest holding daughters hand

4 Easy Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

Lorraine Winter

Getting your child to choose something special for Father’s Day is no easy feat, especially as their idea of buying on a budget can be very different to yours! Why not get them crafting instead to make a truly unique…

colourful balloons

6 Super Sleepover Ideas

Lorraine Winter

“Please can I have a sleepover?” it is a question that fills every parent with dread. A house full of kids running rampant and not sleeping until the wee small hours is enough to put any parent off. But with…

chess board with fallen pieces and two small wooden mannequins

Top 7 Stress-Free Birthday Party Hacks

Lorraine Winter

Birthday parties are about fun, celebrating and having a great time – and that includes the host! But for many of us, hosting the perfect party can lead to stress, stress and more stress. Follow these hacks for a fantastic…

young child sitting in an open suitcase

11 Fun Travel Pack Ideas for Kids

Lorraine Winter

Travel packs are great for keeping kids entertained on journeys. Creating your own is a cost-effective way of keeping your children happier but what could you include? How to Create a Fun Travel Pack Every parent knows that the one…