A Simple Guide to Princess Party Ideas!

Lorraine Winter

Which little girl doesn’t like being treated like a Princess? There is no better time to spend the day as a pretend royal than on your birthday and for a little girl, having a princess themed party is simply wonderful….

Retirement Party Ideas

Lorraine Winter

Planning a retirement party can be a daunting task, especially for an employee who has been given the task of planning the farewell party for a long serving, revered colleague. Or, you may be planning a celebration for a spouse…

1st birthday party

1st Birthday Party Themes

Lorraine Winter

our baby’s first year will fly by! From a new born babe-in-arms to a small person beginning to talk and walk, the first 12 months are very special ones. So it’s no surprise that so many parents want to celebrate…

children laughing at someone

3 Children’s Party Games that Kids Love!

Lorraine Winter

Kid’s parties are usually one long whirl of party games, interspaced with delicious party food. Keeping a group of children entertained is not difficult IF you plan the party so that you have something happening from the moment they arrive,…

childrens party supplies

Kid’s Party Entertainment Ideas

Lorraine Winter

    Every party needs it. But it can considerably bump up how much you spend on your child’s birthday party. Well-heeled celebrity parents can spend thousands on it and there comes a time, when every child knows that their…

Baby Shower Ideas for New Mums!

Lorraine Winter

The baby shower has come to British shores in recent years but has been commonplace in other countries and cultures for a long time. In some cultures, a baby shower is held before the baby arrives but in others, it…


Kid’s Party Themes that Will Never Go Out of Style

Lorraine Winter

It can be tough, year on year creating a birthday bash that the birthday boy or girl will love and that their friends will enjoy too. Sometimes it can feel like a competition, with every birthday party theme trying to…

Baby celebrating their first birthday

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas – A Simple Guide

Lorraine Winter

It’s that time of year again. You look forward to it with a mixture of delight and excitement, tinged with a hint of dread – the children’s birthday party. A balancing act of emotions and diplomacy, not wanting to hurt…

childrens party balloons

7 Ideas for Great Kid’s Party Favours

Lorraine Winter

The definition of a favour is to do someone an act of kindness which is why party favours, party bags and loot bags are a great treat for your young guests at the end of a party! And who doesn’t…

Birthday Card

15 Party Games for Kids

Lorraine Winter

Easy to set up and create, these party games for kid’s ideas are perfect for any party regardless of the theme of what age your child is – after all, who doesn’t love winning a prize?   Pin the tail…