A Parent’s Guide to Kid’s Party Etiquette

Lorraine Winter

It can be a diplomatic minefield, with offended parents taking to social media to express their disgust and disdain. The overspill can lead to arguments at school gates. What are we talking about? Kid’s parties. You wouldn’t think that celebrating…

children at a wedding

10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Weddings

Lorraine Winter

The bride and groom have spent months planning their special day, inviting family and friends to share in their special day. Everything is prepared and ready – the flowers are beautiful, the tables are laid, the seating plan is sorted,…

halloween poster

10 Awesome DIY Halloween Ideas

Lorraine Winter

The days are getting shorter, there is a chill in the air and before you know it, you are once again thinking up fun Halloween costumes for the kids (and you!) to wear. Halloween parties are such great fun. Pumpkin…

5 Fun Baby Shower Games

Lorraine Winter

Baby showers should be great fun! They are a gathering of friends and family, all to celebrate the impending birth as well as to support the parents-to-be. In most cultures, some kind of gathering normally takes place for the expectant…

How to Have a Birthday Party Like the Queen!

Lorraine Winter

Party like royalty with this guide to hosting a royal birthday party for your little girl. The Queen has two birthday’s with the British public celebrating her official birthday on the second Saturday in June. Her actual birthday – 21…

Wedding Chairs

9 of the Best Christening Party Ideas

Lorraine Winter

Your little one has brought enormous change to your lives. Many parents choose to celebrate this with either a christening or a naming ceremony. It is a chance for family and friends to gather too, enjoy each other’s company and…

A Simple Guide to Princess Party Ideas!

Lorraine Winter

Which little girl doesn’t like being treated like a Princess? There is no better time to spend the day as a pretend royal than on your birthday and for a little girl, having a princess themed party is simply wonderful….

Retirement Party Ideas

Lorraine Winter

Planning a retirement party can be a daunting task, especially for an employee who has been given the task of planning the farewell party for a long serving, revered colleague. Or, you may be planning a celebration for a spouse…

1st birthday party

1st Birthday Party Themes

Lorraine Winter

our baby’s first year will fly by! From a new born babe-in-arms to a small person beginning to talk and walk, the first 12 months are very special ones. So it’s no surprise that so many parents want to celebrate…

children laughing at someone

3 Children’s Party Games that Kids Love!

Lorraine Winter

Kid’s parties are usually one long whirl of party games, interspaced with delicious party food. Keeping a group of children entertained is not difficult IF you plan the party so that you have something happening from the moment they arrive,…