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10 “Angry Birds” Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

The Angry Birds party theme is a lot of entertainment and getting your angry birds party supplies on time, can make you to now direct all of that house smashing and bird flinging game thrill into an Angry Birds birthday celebration theme. There are many birthday celebration ideas for an Angry Birds party along with suggestions for Angry Birds party venue decorations, invitations, favours and other party supplies.

 1. Items You will Need For Angry Birds Party

Besides the basic Angry Birds party bags as well as cups, plates, napkins along with decor arrangements, you might like to shop for, hire or borrow a few items for your Angry Birds birthday party:

  • Angry Birds toy characters or stuffed animals
  • Paint your individual castle[
  • Get frisbee discs and decorate them to look like Angry Birds
  • choose Angry Birds balloons

 2. Angry Birds Party Invitations

You can wow your guests by inviting them to your Angry Birds party with custom-made Angry Birds invitation. You can either purchase a ready-made Angry Birds invitation or you could make your own invitations. You can design completely unique invitations. You can create fun details and set the atmosphere before your birthday party actually gets under way. Assuming you have enough time to design your own, think about choosing an inspired rhyme on the invitations.

3. Angry Birds Dress-up Costume

If perhaps any person had stated that fancy dress costumes are for the feathered friends, they may be probably right! The vibrant colours together with offbeat style render it entertaining for children to transform themselves into Angry Birds. Wearing Angry Birds costume can continue to keep every kid’s mood excited.

  • The children will never be in a position to be angry again so long as they are in Angry Birds dress-up costume.
  • Make a bird face mask for each guest to wear

 4. Angry Birds Party Venue Decorations

If you are passionate about anything related to Angry Birds party theme. You can put in place a number of Angry Birds decor arrangements to completely transform your birthday celebration venue into an Angry Birds party entertainment. Why not try these tips to spruce up any Angry Birds party:

  • a custom-made Angry Birds poster or banner
  • Brighten your Angry Birds party in basic colours, such as in red, gold or yellow as well as green to complement the Angry Birds character figures.
  • Build a pig residence by piling up smaller sized cardboard boxes or make use of building blocks. You possibly can use rocks to design your pig house and then decorate it to appear like the Angry Birds pigs.

 5. Angry Birds Party Meals Ideas

There are a couple of the most liked Angry Birds party dishes for your invited guests to delight in:

You can prepare Angry Birds sandwiches by making use of bread roll together with rounded pieces of salami or you may prefer ham, including white cheese. Choose mini circles of white cheese as well as black olives to create the eyes and also the eye-brows. Create the beak with carrots. If you are interested in a veggie alternative, you can make use of strawberry jam with cream-cheese in place of salami or cheese. Choose orange cut pieces to make the beaks and the eye-brows with raisins.

 6. Angry Birds Party Favours

Send off your invited guests back home from your Angry Birds party pleased with great Angry Birds party favours:

  • Construct bird-feeders for your invitees to take home as party favour
  • Put together Angry Birds crafts for children to take home after the birthday party

 7. Egg Hunt for Angry Birds Activity

Among the many fun activities of the Angry Birds birthday party could possibly be to try to find eggs stuffed with candies or sweets. Those eggs could be frustrating to find, nevertheless it can be exciting for kids to search for.

8. Balloon Game

For summer outdoor activity party idea, include balloon fight challenge. You may fill up balloons with water and then split guests into a pair of opposing teams and allow the water fight to get rolling.

9. Cardboard Craft

To begin with, you will need to have a little extra soft paper towel or perhaps toilet tissue tubes available. Apart from that, it is as simple as designing your favourite superheroes with colourful design. You can add some fantastic features.

10. Angry Birds Mini Birthday Cakes

To prepare your own mini birthday Angry Birds cakes, you will need to have some pastry mixture with chocolate melts, decorative sweets, frosting as well as decorating gels and lollipop sticks handy. The most interesting part regarding these mini cakes could be you can use them as an alternative to birthday cake or possibly give out like a goodie bag treat.