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10 Awesome DIY Halloween Ideas

The days are getting shorter, there is a chill in the air and before you know it, you are once again thinking up fun Halloween costumes for the kids (and you!) to wear.

Halloween parties are such great fun. Pumpkin carving, pretend ghosts and scary stories are just some of the tricks and treats it has in store.

But if you are stuck for Halloween party and costume ideas, look no further because we have come up with 10 awesomely brilliant kid’s Halloween DIY ideas…

#1Hanging bats

The bat with its unseeing eyes and impressive wing span is a creature associated with Halloween. Flying at night, the bat is a mystical creature but with these cheap, DIY bat decorations, your party venue will look super spooky.

Save the inner tubes from toilet rolls. Paint them black, add some googly eyes and glue on bat-like wings. Next, thread some string or cotton through the top of the bat tube and hang from lights, ceilings, curtain rails and so on in your bat cave part venue.

Don’t forget when bat’s sleep, they hang upside down, so have a few the other way up too!

#2 Ring toss, Halloween style

Instead or tossing rings over small cones, create your own witch’s hats! Use thick, black paper, roll from one corner to make a cone shape and glue or stick together. Make sure that they can stand on the floor. Add googly eyes and cobwebs for maximum effect.

You can also number the hats with points – easy one to toss a ring over have less point than a witch’s hat at the back of the game.

#3 Spider web

Halloween is a time that spiders become even more menacing but with this game, they are not so creepy. Using coloured tape, make a spider’s web on the floor and throw several plastic spiders all over the web, and a glow stick in the centre. Each participant needs a bucket or a plastic tub and by being careful not to fall off the web, they need to collect as many spiders as possible. Bigger spiders get more points!

#4 Halloween treasure hunt

The simplest of games with a Halloween twist. Provide each participant with a list of things they must find and either bring these items back or take a photo on their mobile phone of the item in situ. Be careful if kids are going out into the dark – make sure there is plenty of spooky adult supervision.

#5 Halloween box game

For older children, this is great. In a carboard box, cut out a hole large enough for a hand to fit through into it. Paint the whole thing black, inside and out and if you can, attach a curtain over the hole. Place all kinds of things that the kids must guess what it is. Be creative – have cold, cooked spaghetti as worms!

#6 Pin the ‘boo!’ on the Halloween ghost

The Witching Hour is nearly upon us so why not introduce a friendly ghost? On a large piece of black paper, paint or drawer on in white chalk the outline of a ghost. On a separate piece of card, have the word ‘boo!’ written on it in a speech bubble. With their eyes shut or blindfolded, ask your party guests to pin on the ‘boo!’; the closest to the ghost’s face or mouth wins!

#7 Ghost ten-pin bowling

Replace the skittle pins with ghost toilet rolls or place ghost and witch faces on your skittles. Using beanbags or soft balls, play a game of Halloween skittles.

#8 Glow stick eyes

These are so simple to make and a great for when the lights are turned down!

Using glow sticks and cardboard with holes in, create all kinds of faces with glowing eyes and using the end of the glow stick as the eye, you have perfectly spooky faces. With these Kid’s Halloween DIY ideas, decorating your party venue doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

#9 Glowing balloons

Again, using glow sticks, buy ordinary white balloons and put a glow stick in it. Pump up the balloon and watch them glow for hours. Perfect for dotting about your Halloween party venue.

#10 Monster door

Set the tone for your Halloween party by making your door into a ‘monster door’. With coloured paper, tape and other decorations, create a huge mouth and monster face on the door your guests will use to enter your party venue.

Halloween is about having fun with family and friends. Kids love it too and by making your venue spooky, it adds to the flavour of the party.