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children bouncing on bouncy castle

10 Birthday Party Ideas that will never go out of style

With fashion, fads and trends coming in and out of style at an alarming pace, planning and hosting a child’s birthday party can become about running the gauntlet between what it hot right now and what is not.

The speed at which these things change can mean that the hottest must-haves and trends from last week can be so passé less than a week later. Timeless elegance and style can he hard to come by so to help you out here at 10 kid’s birthday party ideas that never go out of fashion.

#1 Colours!

Colours as a theme never looks old, over done or under done. It has been the backdrop to many a child’s party. You can choose your child’s favourite colour, use another as a contrasting one and then, like all good designers will tell you, choose a third as an accent colour. Perfect for decorating the party venue, you can all out with accessories, dinner plates, party cups and so on.

#2 Princess and Princes

Even without the help of the latest Disney movie, the theme of princess or prince for a day is one idea that has stood the test of time over and over again. If your kids love dressing up, then there is nothing not to like about these theme. From sparkly tiaras to dashing and dapper prince’s, the regal themes birthday party is simply fabulous.

#3 Farmyards and zoos

What child does like the cute looking tigers at the zoo or the comical looking cow down on the farm? As kid’s birthday party ideas go, this is possibly one of the best. From accessorising your party venue with animal festooned accessories, to playing animal themes party games, this theme is versatile as well as timeless.

#4 Football

Girls and boys football parties are simply fabulous. If you have a large enough indoor venue, or plenty of outdoor space, get those football posts and balls out and have a fantastic few hours kicking a football around. From a game of five a side to skilled based games, this is a party theme that every sports mad kid will love.

#5 Afternoon tea

Just like adults tend to do, having a few friends over and having a lovely time together in an informal and relaxed setting is great, especially for older kids. You could always throw in some pamper sessions too, maybe having their nails done and so on. Keep every light, sparkly and pastel coloured, with dainty tasty morsels of food and plenty of giggles.

#6 The Sleepover

Half way through our countdown of kid’s birthday party ideas and we come across the one that divides parents – the camp that love them and the camp that hates them. Sleepovers can mean a night of little or no sleep but, they are still a great way for a child to celebrate their birthday. Don’t forget the midnight snacks!

#7 Adventure

There are many boys and girls that love adventure themed stories and films. Why not create your own adventure land party theme? From a ‘Crystal Maze’ type quizzes and to working out a treasure hunt map, these parties are brilliant fun from beginning to end.

#8 Treasure & Pirates and Mermaids

Talking of treasure, a sea themed party is always a sure fire winner, especially if your child loves water. We have all kinds of party supplies that fit this theme too, to help your party go with a swing, from treasure chest food boxes to plenty of small fun gifts that can be the treasure for the party bags.

#9 Superheroes

Every child growing up has some kind of character or superhero that they admire and love, whether it is a character from a film or from a book. Designing your child’s party around their love of a superhero – or more than one – is a great theme and one that has lasted the test of time. Invite your guests to come dressed as their favourite character and spend hours with kids, all with magical superpowers!

#10 Fairground Attraction

Sometime, you want to do something different without it being wacky. The fairground is a place that many of us have happy memories of. Whilst we don’t suggest you hire a rollercoaster, a blow up bouncy castle is a possibility. Create a fair ground type theme with old-fashioned games such as tombola, apple bobbing, throw the hoop and more. The great thing about this theme, is that it is relatively inexpensive but great if you are creative.

Which timeless theme will you choose?