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10 great places to have a party!

Every year, you are presented with the same conundrum – where and what to do to celebrate your child’s birthday with their little friends. It can be a question that leads many people into creating parties that are bigger and more elaborate parties but, this is not always the solution.

Sometimes, something different and unique is better but, if you are stuck for ideas for children’s parties why not take a look through this list…

  1. Fruit picking

There are hundreds of fruit farms scattered about the country, some of which offer children’s parties but, if not, they will welcome you with open arms. Take a small group fruit picking – anything from strawberries to any other soft fruit – and while away the hours in the sunshine. Take your pickings home and create some lovely delicious fruity treats to have alongside your party food.

Why not created some small bottled of delicious jam from some of the fruit picked by your guests and then deliver within a few weeks of the party as a ‘thank you’ gift?

  1. Create a teddy

Every adult has a toy that they remember from childhood and in many cases, it is a soft toy that they created. Designing and creating your own bear is the stuff of memories. As such, a high street retailer has already hit the nail on the head with some of the elaborate build-a-bear parties that they create especially for you or, you can hold your own ‘create a teddy party’ at home. If you are creative, have plenty of time and energy, as well as some handy sewing skills, why not teach and delight your guests. The more sequins you have, the better.

  1. Crafting parties

There are many venues that also host some amazing crafting parties, from firing your own pottery to creating all kinds of delightful craft items. Again, you can replicate this at home with all kinds of bought items from money boxes to mugs, plates and so on. With special supplied paints, kids can create their own patterns and again, have something to take home.

  1. Organised events

There are occasions when some local, organised events coincide with your party and thus, you could – if you are brave enough and with several helpers – take part in the event as part of the birthday celebrations. For example, having an hour or two at the local fair, to return home to food and drinks, and yet more hours of endless play and laughter. Who wouldn’t love that?

  1. A day at the museum… or factory…

Take a look around your local neighbourhood – or further afield if you feel really brave! – at what tours and other fun activities that local museums and other places of interest have on. Some factories too, like Cadbury’s World in the Midlands offer all kinds of exciting tours and activities that can make for a great party.

  1. Have a riding lesson

There are many horse riding schools dotted about the country, some of whom offer fantastic group lessons or activities for all level of rider, from the complete novice to the experienced. Some offer food in the onsite café facilities too. A great way to introduce kids to the equestrian world.

  1. The local ice cream shop

This may sound a little off the wall but some ice cream parlours offer parties that enable guests to create their own ice cream desserts, using a variety of ice cream flavours and toppings, from a mix of all kinds of sauces, nuts, marshmallows, biscuits and so on.

  1. Bowling bonanza

Local bowling alleys are still a great way of spending some time with the birthday kid and guests. It is also great fun too. It is a great way to start off your birthday celebration with many alleys offering food too, you could opt for the complete catered option or, make the bowling alley the meeting place.

  1. Bugs!

Children are interested in all kinds of things and one that always get them fascinated are bugs. Take a look at the local RSPB nature reserve and see if they offer pond dipping sessions. These sessions help kids to look what live and lurk in pond water; you will be amazed at all the different creatures. Really fun and educational too – what more could you want?

  1. Wild animals

And finally, the zoo may seem a little too obvious but many zoos and animal parks are realising the need to really get the younger visitor involved in education on wild animals and their habitats, including those that are in danger. Some offer tours, taking the kids to parts of the zoo not normally frequented by visitors which can make it even more special.

Birthday parties are all about fun – where will your next one be?