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10 Kids Party Theme that never go out of Fashion!

Having a theme to a party is a great way of adding fun to celebrations. You can not only decorate the venue in keeping with the theme but, you guests can arrive all dressed and ready to party.

Choosing a theme however, is not just an excuse for buying decorations and themes accessories from Party Bags and Supplies. It is also a way of planning the right party games, and food too.

But, are you stuck for ideas? Would you like to try something different?

Here we’ve picked the ten best themes that are simply perfect for parties of all kinds;

#1 Princess Parties

There are times in every little girl’s life when she just wants to feel like a regal princess. As party themes, go this is a simple and easy one to achieve with fabulous effects. At its simplest, all it takes is a sprinkle of glitter and plenty of pink.

Ring the changes by inviting party guests to comes as their favourite Disney or character princess, or ask all attending princes and princess to dress wearing a certain colour.

Food should be delicate and light, perfect for a royal buffet.

#2 Football Fitness

Football is a sure fire winner and no longer the preserve of boys. With girls’ and women’s’ football now become common place on main stream sporting TV channels, this is an increasingly popular theme.

Opt for a generic football fitness theme, or opt for the birthday boy or girls’ favourite football team. There are loads of football team branded products but if it starts to get a bit expensive, stick with brands on some but not all accessories.

#3 Shiver me timbers!

The pirate theme is still very popular and again, the sea and its creatures provide all kinds of opportunities to create a really magical themed party.

How about decorating your venue, for example, as an undersea world? Kids will love it! All it takes is some hanging curtains, festooned with paper crabs and fishes.

Really popular with younger kids, the pirate theme can also mean you can have some great treasure chests as party boxes, perfect for either food or as party bags.

#4 Sweet 16

This is big milestone birthday in America and thus, the Sweet 16 parties are getting bigger and bolder across the pond. Hosting a sweet 16 party is all about tinsel and glamour. There are all kinds of accessories that you can invest in to create a stunning backdrop to this themed party.

#5 Marching orders

Army-themed parties are also a great way of creating a brilliant backdrop to a party.

The expression boot camp is something many of us are familiar with and as well as decorating the venue in camouflage accessories, you could also have a Sergeant-Major barking party game orders at guests!

There are loads of party games that can be given an army theme twist.

#6 Teddy bear’s picnic

There is something endearing about the cuddly, soft toys that children share their childhood with and so why not invite this important, and much-loved friend along too.

Perfect for younger children who may be experiencing parties and social gatherings for the first time, having a familiar object to hold on to is a great way of them letting go of mum or dad’s hand, and enjoying themselves.

#7 Tea for Two…

… Or maybe a few more guests but the tea party is making headlines in terms of party themes for kids this coming year.

Taking its cue from the teddy bear’s picnic theme, and adding a sprinkling of all things nice, the afternoon tea theme is simply delightful.

Think cupcakes, dusting of glitter, soft pastel colours and guests enjoying themselves. Perfect if you are looking for something different, without being outlandish.

#8 The Red Carpet

Looking to inject some Hollywood glamour? Invest in a roll out red carpet, get a friend with a camera acting as the paparazzi and snap your guests as they arrive.

This is a perfect theme for nearly-teenagers who may want something a little more grown up, but appropriate for their age. They can dress up to their hearts delight, and enjoy the attention.

Make watching a favourite movie part of the party too and turn the birthday celebration in to a glamorous movie premier.

#9 Hop back in time

Choose a decade – what about the Hippies and day glow flowers of the 1960s, or the massive flares of the 1970s – and make the theme for the party.

A great way to have a theme for older kids, without making it appear too childish. The 80s were a great time for day-glo leg warmers, something that did make a comeback for a time which most pre-teens can relate to.

#10 All the fun of the fair

Fairs can be romantic dreamy and fun places in some of the stories that are read to kids these days – so why not bring the carnival to the back garden?

There are many ways this fun theme can be incorporated in to your party, from creating your own coconut shy stand, to hiring a bouncy castle and more.

Why not try one of our themes and then tell us how it went?