10 Party Bag Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Party packs

The party bag is now a universally accepted part of attending a party. They are a great way of thanking you guests for coming.

As well as a slice of birthday cake, a party bags usually contains a sweet treat or two and an age-appropriate small gift.

Creating party bags for babies and toddlers can be a challenge. When looking at small toys and gifts, always check what age the manufacturer or supplier recommends, although it is always wise to supervise play of babies and toddlers.

With this in mind, we have come up with some great ideas that are perfect for younger guests.

#1 Activity Books and Crayon

For toddlers, there is no doubt that anything creative like activity books and colouring crayons are the perfect mini-gift for party bags.

We have a growing range of activity books and crayons suitable for supervised use with toddlers.

#2 Hardboard Books

Babies and toddlers mimic sounds they hear and this is how children learn to read. The phonetic system is also used in nurseries and schools.

The printed word is sounded out clearly, accompanied by an image or graphic that clearly represents the word. This is perfect for helping children to read.

There are a range of hard-backed little books, perfect for little hands and to help little ones learn to recognise words.

#3 Bath Time Toys

Rubber duck

















A great inclusion in any party bag is a bath time toy, perfect for both babies and toddlers to enjoy splashing about in water. Simple toys such as ducks and other water-dwelling birds and animals are perfect, along with floating boats.

#4 Frog Clapper

Children learn through play and for toddlers, co-ordination can sometimes be lacking. There are all kinds of toys that help them to develop their hand and eye coordination and we think this frog clapper fits the bill.

Shake him and he claps; stop and he stops! Great for a bit of noisy, creative play. Available in a range of colours too.

#5 Jigsaws

Puzzles are also vital for teaching toddlers how to organise information so that it makes a coherent pattern that makes sense.

There are a range of jigsaw that are perfect for helping toddlers to process information. Pick subjects that children like, such as recognisable animals such as our jungle animal jigsaws, farmyard animals and well-known characters from their favourite animated cartoons and films.

#6 Teething Rings and Toys

Babies (and toddlers) explore their world in different ways and as all parents know, for most babies this means putting everything in their mouths! Clearly, there are some things that are not suitable to eat or even taste, and this is how babies learn what is food and what isn’t.

Babies also put things in their mouth to chew or suck as a means of relieving swollen, painful ums when their baby teeth start to emerge. And this is why a safe, baby teething toy is the perfect addition to a party bag!

#7 Stuffed Mini-Toy

Small teddy bears and stuffed toys are also a cute addition to party bags. Again, as with all toys for babies, toddlers and older children, check that they meet the necessary British Standards of safety. They should have a kite mark on their label.

Check that their eyes and any other sewn in or on features are securely attached before giving to your little guests.

#8 Bubbles

Our most popular party bag fillers are those that are simple, yet give hours of pleasure. Under adult supervision, blowing bubbles with children is a great way to spend time interacting, encouraging their interaction and speech.

Great indoors and outdoors, we have arrange of bubbles that are great in any party bag.

#9 Cars, Buses, Trucks and Trains

Soft toys are perfect for little people and we love the range of ‘squidgy’ that encourage children to recognise common shapes, as well as fuel imaginative play. Complete with their own characters, these are always a hit.

#10 Bouncing Balls

For toddlers, balls are often the first objects they learn to grab, hold and handle. The bouncy ball is great for playing games of catch, which is a great activity for promotion hand to eye coordination. Ensure you choose bouncing balls that are too big to present a choking hazard.

If you do think the balls are too small, choose either larger, soft play balls or why not opt for a blow-up beach ball type addition to the party bag?

Take a look at our growing range of party bags and fillers for babies and toddlers.

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