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10 Party Bag Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Party bags are a great way of saying thank you to guests for coming to your party, as well as the signal that it is time for the party to wind up.

Whether or not kids expect a party bag, they can be fun because who doesn’t love a bag of surprises?

The good news is, they don’t have to be stuffed full or chocolate and other high-sugar treats as we have some great party bag ideas for babies and toddlers.

#1 Learning Books

Board books with one word describing the picture on the page are where most parents start to help their children to read.

Look for board books that clearly show letters, with vibrant matching pictures and drawings.

Most these small books are reasonably priced, making them the perfect addition in any party bags for babies and toddlers.

#2 Bath time toys

We love everything from floating ducks to tug boats as playing in water is a great way kids to learn. Suitable from birth, a lot of the bath toys we have as part of our baby and toddler range, are the perfect addition to a party bag.

Like board books, they are inexpensive and provide hours of fun at bath time.

#3 Teething rattle

Who said party bag gifts and toys can’t be practical? Babies and toddlers learn about the world around them by putting almost everything they touch in their mouths.

As they explore their world, they need things that they can chew on to help their hardened gums release the milk teeth that lie just below the surface. This means finding something safe and non-toxic to chew on.

Teething rattles and chews will be a welcome addition in any party bag for babies and toddlers.

#4 small, child-friendly cuddly toys

Parents are right to be cautious around toys as not all toys, as odd as it may seem, are not safe for babies and toddlers to play with. Look for the safety sign and information on the label but we think that a small, cuddly toy that is child safe, is a delightful addition to any party bag.

#5 Buggy books and toys

The buggy is the place that many babies and toddler spent a lot of time and sometimes, they need to be kept amused.

We think buggy books – small, board books with a long ribbon attached – are great as party bag ideas for babies and toddlers. Tie the book onto the buggy for interest for your little ones when they get a little board. Other parents will love them too.

#6 Bath toys (but not ducks!)

Although we love bright, colourful ducks as bath toys, we would be doing you a dis-service is we gave the impression they are the only bath toy work having.

We love the other shapes that are becoming popular including other animals – a squirting hippo is great fun! – as well as cars and other vehicles.

#7 Decorative little coat hooks

Again, something different for party bags. We love the idea of giving little child-friendly hooks that will come I useful for years to come. Include fitting instructions so that parents will fix the hooks on the back of the bedroom door or anywhere in the house where little people can hang their coat, their bag or other small accessories.

#8 Colouring cards

Encouraging little hands to colour, as well as choose colours that work well together is important in a child’s development.

Colouring cards and books may seem old fashioned, but for little hands and minds, colouring books with large, easy to grip pencils can give hours of pleasure.

#9 Jigsaw puzzles

Ordering information is also an important developmental stage in toddlers, with jigsaws being the perfect puzzle to help them. For small toddlers, use four or five piece jigsaws, choosing slightly more complex ones for older children.

#10 Spinner balls

You have probably seen these and not given them a second thought but small ping-pong sized balls with different colour on and in them are mesmerising to babies and small children. Helping little eyes to focus, as well as fine motor skills, these balls or similar, are perfect for toddlers.

At Party Bags and Supplies, we pride ourselves on having some of the best ideas for making any celebration to pop with a bang. And we have everything you could dream of from Christmas to Christening party supplies, birthday party supplies to great ideas for bonfire night, Halloween and more.