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10 Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

You do not require the forces of the mystical element to help you prepare any Star Wars birthday party. Pretty much for all that you will need are your star wars party supplies and star wars party bags. Throw the young Jedi in your family a birthday bash that is brimming with excitement. There are tips in organising a successful Star Wars birthday party starting with invitations to party favours. Therefore get started with organising your party. And may the force be around you as you go shopping for all your Star Wars party supplies for the  birthday party theme.

 1. Items You Will Be Needing for the Star Wars Party

Along with basic Star Wars party supplies, including plates, invitations, customised items, cups, favours, napkins together with decor arrangements, you might like to give some thought to hiring, buying or borrowing some of the items for your Star Wars party:

  • A piñata for Star Wars
  • Lightsabres that are inflatable
  • Star Wars blockbuster banners
  • Facial Mask with Star Wars figure
  • Star Wars action toy characters

 2. Star Wars Party Invitation Ideas

Creative, do-it-yourself invitations can definitely enable you to get in the party spirit. In case you have free time, this is a Star Wars invitation idea to look at: You can print out the pictures from the birthday child’s beloved Star Wars movie. Print your party information on the reverse and send them out.

3. Star Wars Party fancy dress costumes

Friends and family can certainly turned up to the birthday party all dressed up in Star Wars themed tee shirts. You may even design Jedi robes together with Princess Leia headbands for anyone who request to wear these.

4. Star Wars Party Decoration Ideas

Propel  friends and relatives to a galaxy so faraway with the use of party venue decorations that match the party theme!

  • Put up a poster just above the front door to the party room to states something like – Welcome to my party! May the force never leave you!
  • Mark the various parts of the party area with labels of the planets from Stars Wars.
  • Create a location of the area wherein invitees could create their own droid with the use of pots and pans along with other steel pieces of equipment you may have available.
  • Slowly fade the lighting fixtures and position stars that glow together with glowing planets on the ceiling.

 5. Star Wars Party Food item Ideas

It could be a lot of fun for the party host as well as their invitees to be involved in theme-specific goodies all through the party. If you are hosting a Star Wars Party, check out these food options:

Yoda Soda pop: Freeze green food colouring with water in an ice-cube packs before the party starts. Throughout the party, provide lemon-lime soda or water and then offer each guest some frozen ice-cubes. Watch their surprised faces as their soda changes to green.

Darth Vader Vegetables together with Fruit: prepare vegetables and fruits that have red colour, for instance place red apples, strawberries, baby tomatoes, red peppers, on a circular tray.

Make Jedi Jigglers: prepare your child’s most popular flavour of Jell-O in a shallow container. Make use of cookie cutters to cut  Star Wars shapes out of the Jell-O to give out at the party.

Lightsabers: Cover a sizeable pretzel roll with vibrant green, red or blue frosting. Mix with coloured-sugar.

Dark Side Chips and Dip: get a black bean dip and serve your favourite blue tortilla chips with it

 6. Star Wars Party Ideas for Drinks

  • Serve lemonade as moon Juice
  • Mountain dew for Jabba Juice
  • Bottles of water as Warrior Water
  • Any mixed drink as Padame Punch
  • Chocolate milk as Darth Vader Malt

 7. Star Wars Birthday Cake Ideas

You can bake any of these Star Wars birthday cake for your child’s birthday party:

  • Yoda fondant Star Wars cake
  • Spaceship death Star Wars cake
  • Death Star birthday cake
  • Star destroyer Star Wars cake
  • Lightsaber birthday cake

 8. Star Wars Party Favour Ideas

A good part of the birthday party favours will include:

  • Darth Vader Star Wars masks
  • Star Wars Disc launchers
  • Storm trooper Star Wars wristbands
  • Stickers or temporary Star Wars tattoos
  • Hi bounce Star Wars balls

 9. Games and Activities

  • Lightsaber Balloon Training
  • Assess your party guests’ lightsaber knowledge with the exciting game.
  • As soon as your invited guests demonstrate themselves to be knowledgeable, reward them with Jedi Robe
  • Fantastic gravity – your guests are going to be fascinated every time their arms start to lift up with no movement on their part.
  • Explore the Solar – separate your guests into groups to look for several lost planets as they possibly can.
  • Space colouring pages – Your friends and relatives will enjoy decorating the printable space colouring pages.
  • The force colouring pages – you can print out many copies of our colouring pages for the young space trainee to colour.

10. What will your Takeaway from Star Wars Party be?

Star Wars parties are extremely straightforward to organise, mainly because there are plenty of amazing ideas to choose from. The trickiest aspect is selecting your theme.