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10 ways to entertain kids on a road trip

We have had a lot of people asking questions about the best ways to entertain kids on a road trip, so we thought it best to create a comprehensive blog post on 10 ways to entertain kids on a road trip.

For the more visually inclined of you we created an in depth infographic which displays  10 ways to entertain kids on a road trip – Enjoy and feel free to share!

A long car journey can, in the main, pass without incident but, when the road ahead is clogged and the journey slow, not all children respond well to being cooped up for such a long time. And so, as every parent wants to avoid this nightmare scenario, it pays to be prepared and ready for the inevitable ‘are we there yet?’ question being asked hundreds of times within feet of leaving home, along with the squabbles and fall outs in the back seat.

Going on long car journey takes preparation and so finding things that your youngsters like to do is essential for a smooth, hassle-free trip from the youngest occupants of the vehicle. Investing in things such as their favourite characters and creating delicious fun-filled bags is one way of introducing surprise and delight to your family!

1.   I Spy

We can hear your groan from here but, don’t forget that everyone needs teaching how to play the most basic of games and if you have small children, this is a great way of having fun, passing the time AND practicing the all-important numeracy. Why not see if once someone has guessed the object that you learn how to spell it too?

2.   Road trip bingo

We love this idea! Before you big journey, print off some bingo cards full of pictures of some of the signs and animals etc. they may see over the course of the journey. When they spot one, they can tick it off or use a sticker to mark the square. Some of the images may seem a little too American but they can easily spot our equivalent signs and use them. Have some prizes!

3.   Licence plates

We have so many licence plates in the UK now that you can create your own game by spotting them with certain digits and letters. For example, spot a car that has your birthday date and your initials. Or look for a licence plate with an x in it… you get the idea!

4.   Noughts and Crosses

You can either print off grids or use wipe able mini-whiteboards with a range of coloured pens. This is a great boredom buster but tends to have a short life span. You can of course, change the rules slightly and use different symbols etc.

5.   I’m going on a picnic/holiday etc.

This is a memory game in which you work your way through the alphabet and it goes something like this;

I am going on a picnic (or holiday – you decide!) and I am going to take with me a… aardvark/bull/clock/dringo etc.

The second person must name the item you said and then their own; the third person must then remember the first item and the second, and then name their own and so on, and so forth. You may need to help out younger players with this one as there can be an awful lot of information to remember!

6.   20 questions!

Ok, you have someone who is IT and think of a famous person, place or thing (don’t be too obscure); keep this information to yourself. The remaining people in the car have 20 questions collectively that they can ask the person in order to elicit information so that they can successfully guess the person, place or thing. Questions need to be closed ones – in other words, only yes and no answers. The person who is IT needs to count the questions.

7.   Connecting the dots

You can download or buy specialist paper full of dots, all equispaced across the paper. Give each child a different coloured pen or pencil and using one stroke at a time each turn (from one dot to another in any direction) they must make a box. The idea is to fill the sheet with as many boxes in your colour as you can.  A great strategic game, perfect for tactical thinkers.

8.   Hangman

Again, great for literacy but makes sure the words are easy to guess and are age appropriate. Use wipe able mini whiteboards or use plain old paper. Mark out the word for the players to guess, with them taking it in turns to guess the letter, followed by the word if they think they have it!

9.   The Preacher’s Cat

Another great memory game that focuses on the alphabet. Two words in a sentence change each time e.g.

The preacher’s cat is an awesome cat called Andrea
The preacher’s cat is an amazing cat called Alfred…

And so on… when you have exhausted A, move on to B and so on.

10.                Spot the car

And finally, ask your kids to keep an eye out for a ‘green Toyota’ or a ‘blue Ford’ and so forth…

All you need to do now is sit back and enjoy the journey!