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10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Weddings

The bride and groom have spent months planning their special day, inviting family and friends to share in their special day.

Everything is prepared and ready – the flowers are beautiful, the tables are laid, the seating plan is sorted, all there is left to do is come up with ideas on how to keep kids entertained at the wedding.

Fortunately, we have ten great ideas so dip in and choose what you think your small guests will enjoy on your special day…

#1 Goodie bags

Kids get bored (easily!). This means that to amuse themselves, they end up running around the dance floor or the outskirts of the reception at full speed. Worse still, they can get up to mischief.

A goodie bag for each child guest is a worthwhile investment. Have them at the table – a simple small colouring book and some pretty crayons, pencils and glitter pens – can be the perfect way of encouraging kids to stay sat at the table. Lego kits are also good, along with other activity based kits such as making your own paper bow-tie and so on. Adult guests will often get involved too, a great way to keep little people and their hands busy.

#2 Craft table

If you have the space, why not create a corner specifically for the kids to retreat to? A craft table is an ingenious idea. Kids can create all kinds of things whilst their parents mingle. If you can, why not employ a local company to provide and supervise the craft activities?

#3 Dessert station

This is also a great way of getting kids involved in the day. We love the idea of having a small table for kids to decorate their own ‘wedding cupcake’. Get their parents to photograph their designs and upload them to your wedding website.

#4 Treasure hunt

Some of the suggestions we have talked about so far are short term, quick fix solutions. This one lasts a little longer so is perfect when waiting for the reception begin and the food to be served.  Have a group of adults supervise a treasure hunt in which individual children or teams are given a list of things they must either find and bring back, or photograph on their mobile phones if they have them.

Have some small prizes for them when they triumphantly return with everything!

#5 ‘Happily ever after…’

We all know that true fairy tales end with the immortal words ‘and they all lived happily ever after’. Task any little guests with writing what they think the secret is to living ‘happily ever after’. You’ll be amazed at what kids think is the course of true love…

#6 Disposable cameras

Wouldn’t it be great to see the wedding through the eyes of your little guests? Give them a disposable camera and a prompt sheet of some of the photographs they could take. You’ll be amazed at some of the photography skills they have!

Or the prompt sheet could be a written version of ‘I Spy…’ – know that could be really fun to see the results!

#7 Mocktails

Why should the adults be the only one to enjoy champagne and cocktails? Have a ‘mocktail bar’ where kids can make their own non-alcoholic cocktails using a variety of ingredients, including fruit pieces. Have some interesting glasses, such as plastic champagne flutes and always have adult supervision to make sure that the concoctions they make are drinkable ones…

#8 Make your own name card

When looking how to keep kids entertained at weddings, you should bear in mind that they will be all ages and so finding an activity to suit them all can be difficult.

With your seating plan, you can introduce a task at the table to help them settle. It is possible to buy ‘blank jigsaw pieces and put together their own name card for the table or supply them with plenty of small craft pieces (make sure they are age appropriate) so that they can make their own name card for the table. Whilst they are at it, they could jazz up the name cards on the table for all the other guests too!

#9 Bubble station

For an outdoor reception, this is the perfect way to keep kids (and adults!) entertained. Bubbles are a cost-effective addition to any reception, from the small individual bottles of bubbles perfect for your small guests to the larger, more elaborate kits on the market.

#10 Professional entertainers

Allowing for a group of professional entertainers in your wedding budget is a good idea, especially if you have many children as wedding guests, as well as a mix of ages.

A wedding is a celebration and want everyone to enjoy themselves, especially your younger guests!