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11 Fun Travel Pack Ideas for Kids

Travel packs are great for keeping kids entertained on journeys. Creating your own is a cost-effective way of keeping your children happier but what could you include?

How to Create a Fun Travel Pack

Every parent knows that the one pitfall of taking a car trip or the journey to a holiday destination is the long stretch of travelling with children from the front door of home to the front door of your holiday resort.

From singing rhymes to playing games, there are all kinds of ways of keeping your children entertained. But imagine their surprise when you hand them a travel, stuffed full of great surprises.

1) Travel game – Spot it!

There are all kinds of games you can play on the move but the best shop-bought game we have come across is Spot It! Similar to eye-spy, the game is for children aged 7+ and is great for single to 8 players. Spotting objects against the clock make it a little more exciting.

2) Get arty

Not everyone can read in a car or when travelling but when you need to encourage quiet time, a great way of doing it is to introduce colouring books, jotters and notepads along with a few colouring pencils. Complete with a lap tray for when travelling in the car, creating artistic masterpieces is perfect for the creative child.

3) Scratch-a-Doodle

You may remember these or a version thereof – the scratch and come-again notebook – a scratch-a-doodle is a great alternative to a notepad. Use the given marker to create fun drawings and doodles or why not encourage games such as noughts and crosses? Lasts for several doodles before they become old and tired.

4) Tangle bracelet

These tangle bracelets are great for a travel pack because the 18 parts can be reconfigured to create all kinds of oddly-shaped bracelets. As well as being creative, your children could also learn the art of sharing tangle parts or encourage them to hone their skills of negotiating…!

5) Travel snacks

The one thing about a long journey, going away etc. is everyone relaxing and getting in the holiday mood. And that means enjoying a snack or two on the journey. From small pieces of fruit or fruit salads and re-usable tubs, there are all kinds of delicious snacks you could include in travel packs.

6) Create a story

There are times when boredom kicks in on a journey and to save any back-seat squabbles, having plenty of activities to hand is a great way of avoiding rising tension. Minion stickers might not be the first things that spring to mind, but these fun bright yellow characters are perfect for creating a story on the move. Along with paper and a few coloured pencils, ask your kids to drawer a cartoon-style story that shows all the fun things you will get up to on your trip, using expressive minions to tell the story.

7) Journey journal

Even though we live in the digital age, there is something fun and mysterious about taking photos and waiting until the developed films arrive back from the printers. Set a challenge to each child to document their journey, using a disposable camera and a holiday journey. Supply exciting and fun glitter pens to bring out the colour in doodles and the narrative.

8) Play-your-own-bingo

The key to successful journeys with kids is plenty of planning and prep so that when you need to divert disaster or keep them amused, you have something to pull out the bag. As well as travel-themed games and activities, you can also use tried and tested games such as printable bingo cards that fit with all kinds of themes. Have a few prizes for the winners!

9) Things to do on a plane…

For longer journeys, including trips on a plane, you might want to think about adding something like 50 Things to Do With Kids on a Plane. These activity cards contain all kinds of activities and games, perfect for you to play with kids or for your children to play with each other. Great for car journeys too.

10) Fun party favours

Party bag fillers are not just for party bags but can be great for including in travel packs too. From small trinkets to small characters and models to encourage creative play, there are all kinds of affordable toys perfect for keeping kids amused on longer journeys.

11) Finger puppets

Great for encouraging imaginative play, why not have your children act out their own play or mimic their favourite story complete with finger puppet characters? With plenty of laughs guaranteed, this is the stuff of happy childhood memories!