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15 Party Games for Kids

Easy to set up and create, these party games for kid’s ideas are perfect for any party regardless of the theme of what age your child is – after all, who doesn’t love winning a prize?

  1. Pin the tail on the … – donkey, unicorn, horse, llama, pig, anything you want really! Simply find a large poster or if you are creative, create your own and make small coloured pins or labels for people to stick the tail on the poster. Add a blindfold and the winner is the party guest who gets nearest where the tail should be.
  2. Spot the dog/football/rugby ball etc. – another great party game and one that is super-easy to set up and run. Create a large poster or a series of smaller photos, removing the dog using a program such as Photo Shop. Most people opt for spot the dog using photos of a sheepdog herding sheep or you can also ‘spot the ball’ using a stick photograph from a football match.
  3. Musical Statues – this is a great game that anyone can lead and at a second’s notice. All you need is a room full of excited party guests, an iPod or CD player and plenty of songs and volume. Play a snippet of a song and then when the music stops, the guests stop dancing. The idea is to catch people out and have loads of fun and laughter, not overly competitive spirit.
  4. Balloon races – your party venue may be decked out with balloons and although they look pretty, can be a little wasted. Pass the balloon over the heads and under legs down a line of party guests with the end person running back to start the process again, is a high spirited game and one that works well with two or more teams. Play the game until everyone in the line has made it to the front and had the responsibility of running to the back of the line with the balloon. The winning team is the one who do it fastest.
  5. Who is it? – Sometimes called ‘who’s the murder’, this is a great game for older kids. Everyone stands or sits in a circle and with their eyes closed, the adult walks around the circle, tapping one party guest on the shoulder; this person is ‘IT’. Now it is up to this person to wink without anyone noticing at another party guest who, on being winked at will ‘faint’ to the floor. You can keep them sitting in a circle or get them to walk around. The rest of the people – before they are winked at – must try and work out ‘IT’ is. Add more confusion by tapping another two people on the shoulder! Great for bigger parties.
  6. Treasure Hunt – takes minutes to set up and a little prep beforehand. To make this fair – and to save one party guest bagging all the loot – label each hidden bit of treasure for each party guest. Hide the treasure in the party venue or outside if appropriate and give them three minutes etc. to find their treasure making sure that if they find someone else’s they leave it where it is and not tell the person. Quick and simple, but a delightful few minutes well-spent at the end of the party.
  7. Bubble Wrap Walk – this is an amazing game that everyone will love. Buy a large roll of bubble warp and lay a length of it (about 5foot) for each team across the length of the floor. Against the clock, each team has to get every member across the bubble warp walk without popping the bubbles (or the least amount of bubbles popped!), one at a time from one end of the walkway to the other. A real giggling game!
  8. Digital Scavenger Hunt – a great way to use technology with older kids. Give small teams of 3 or 4 party guests a map and a list of things they need to ‘scavenge’. But, instead of bringing the items back, they take a photo. The winning team is the one that is back first and with the photo of everything on the list. Add plenty of twists to your list so that they have to think creatively.
  9. Acting Out! – this is a great giggle too! In teams of 3 or 4, give each team various props and the title to their play. They have 5 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to act a scene. Give them 5 words that they must say during the sketch too!
  10. Grandma’s Watching – a bit like British Bulldog but without the carnage! An adult is Grandma and the party guests need to keep their distance. When Grandma’s back is turned, the guests can move. They are all aiming to get to the finish line which is in front of Grandma. When Grandma turns the face them, they must all be still; anyone spotted moving is out of this game. They can encourage from the side-lines. When Grandma reaches the finish line (keep moving it if you want!), then the party guests are home and dry. A great game while you are waiting for parents to arrive.
  11. Memory Game – have ten or so object on a tray. Give the party guests a few minutes to memorise what is there and then throw a tea towel/table cloth over the objects. In teams, get them to wrote down or list as many objects as they remember.
  12. Hand knots – this is great with a group of larger kids. Stand in a circle and choose one person to close their eyes tight. The remaining guests in the circle must holds hands and, without letting go of hands, must tie themselves into a knot by going under arm, over arm, turning around and so on. When suitably knotted, the person with their eyes closed can now open their eyes and attempt to untangle the knot – without people letting go of hands!
  13. Chopsticks and Raisins – all you need for this are a pair of chop sticks per party guest and 10 raisins each. Using chopsticks 9and not stabbing at the raisin!), move all 10 raisins into the cup in the middle of the table. Easier said than done…
  14. Pass the Parcel – of all the children’s party games, this is possible the favourite, prepare a parcel beforehand with several layers and a treat every other layer and a main prize in the middle. When the music stops, whoever has the parcel unwraps a layer.
  15. Simon Says… – as party games for kids go, this is possibly the easiest. Have a leader who will say ‘Simon says rub your head/wave/any other kind of instruction’ and everyone copies. When you don’t say ‘Simon says…’, no one should do anything…