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1st Birthday Party Themes

our baby’s first year will fly by! From a new born babe-in-arms to a small person beginning to talk and walk, the first 12 months are very special ones. So it’s no surprise that so many parents want to celebrate the occasion with a first birthday party for their little one.

Throwing a 1st birthday party is easy – when you know how! And one way of making it easier is to choose a theme. Here we have some great ideas; why not take a look?

#1 Favourite character

Babies are stimulated by all kinds of things, from bright colours to the sound and actions of their favourite character. This might be a character from a book or a cartoon.

For some babies, a birthday party with an endless stream of visitors and gifts can seem overwhelming. Having something familiar around, like their favourite character, is perfect.

There are many party accessories from plates to helium filled balloons, to napkins, cups and more, all festooned with pictures of their favourite characters.

If you think character laden accessorise could make a room look too ‘busy’, mix in plain coloured items to contrast and compliment the main character.

#2 Choose a rainbow of colours

Colour is a great stimulant for babies, toddlers and children which is why so many party accessories and items are so brightly coloured.

A rainbow inspires imagination and for baby, can be something they associate with pleasant feelings. Choosing a rainbow of colours is one of the most popular 1st birthday party themes and it is one of the easiest to pull off as well.

Rather than choosing all seven colour of the rainbow, opt for two complementing colours, with a third colour used sparingly as an accent colour. For example, choose red and yellow as the two main colours, and a bright green to add a dash of extra interest.

Add the rainbow with balloons and other accessories with rainbows on them. This is a great 1st birthday party theme that is great for boys and girls.

#3 Down on the farm

Who can resist the cute cartoon-like characters down on the farm? Farm animals are also instantly recognisable for babies and toddlers and again, make a fun and colourful backdrop to any party.

And frankly, teaching the next generation ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ is also essential, with the first birthday party the ideal time to do so!

#4 Lady bugs

Normally, creepy crawlies and insects are not people’s favourite things but, the ladybird is seen as a bug that is gentle and fairly cute too.

We love the ladybird as a backdrop for a 1st birthday party as not only does it suit boys and girls, but the friendly face of the ladybird is perfect for welcoming guests to your party.

The bright colour is great for a backdrop too, and with all kinds of ladybird party accessories, your party venue will look simply amazing. Again, one of the most popular and well-liked 1st birthday party themes.

#5 Busy Bees

Perfect for a summer time 1st birthday party, busy bee is a great range of accessories, from plates to cups and more, all festooned with friendly and cute busy bees.

Yellow is a bright colour, perfect for creating a happy, golden backdrop to this important event. Again, if you feel that the venue will look too ‘busy’, opted for plain, golden and bright yellow accessories such as yellow balloons tied together with a few black balloons mixed in.

Creating the perfect 1st birthday party

Deciding on a theme is the first step but, for many parents organising and hosting a birthday party can seem like a daunting task.

Just as important is ensuring that everyone – including baby and you – have a great time. This means hosting a party in the way that keeps everyone happy and here we have some great tips:

  • Timing – parties that last all day or for hours on end can be incredibly wearing, especially for baby. Keep the main event to under two hours as babies tire quickly.
  • Invitations – everyone wants to be involved and be part of the special day, which is lovely but overwhelming at the same time. Have a party for baby and their little friends, and then ask people to come at certain times. This helps keep baby rested too!
  • Create a safe play space – babies look interacting with each other and play is the main way that they do this. Create a play area that is safe, with age appropriate toys and so on.

What theme will you choose? Let us know your ideas!