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3 Children’s Party Games that Kids Love!

Kid’s parties are usually one long whirl of party games, interspaced with delicious party food. Keeping a group of children entertained is not difficult IF you plan the party so that you have something happening from the moment they arrive, to the time they go home.

Hosting a bunch of kids at a party is also about having things ‘up your sleeve’. Having a list of children’s party games is a grand idea but sometimes, expanding a game can be the best way of entertaining your crowd and keeping them focused on having fun.

In some ways, children at birthday parties are the toughest crowd you will perform too which is why we have come up with three brilliant party games that kids will love. But rather than just give you the basics, we have expanded each one, so that you can add interest and appeal, as well as making them a little bit different…


Think musical statutes with a twist.

  • Start the first few rounds as you usually would – play the music, kids dance and then they must hold their position when the music stops. Tell them this is a practice run for everyone to get warmed up.
  • Now tell them that you will tell them the pose they must adopt when the music stops – try these poses – angry lion, soldier, stood tall on duty, elephant (use your arm as the trunk), chicken and so on
  • Introduce some yoga poses – do all kinds of stretches, including standing on one leg
  • Or just shout out a broad category such as ‘animal’ and so on.

In or out? Children’s party games can present you with a dilemma in some ways as you can have half the party enjoying themselves pulling funny poses but the other half standing around because they are out. If you don’t like this idea, we suggest having a ‘greatest poser’ for each round rather than pulling people out. This positively reinforces the idea that it is the taking part that counts.

Look and Listen

This is a great game, especially for smaller groups.

On a tray, have an array of items from pieces of paper, cutlery, anything you can think of. Make sure you have a fair number of items on the tray.

Give the group two minutes to look at the tray and memorise as many items as they can. They can talk to each other, but they cannot write a memory list nor touch any of the items.

With theatrical aplomb, cover the items with a large table cloth. By this point, your guests will think you are about to ask them to remember the items on the tray… but this is not the object of the game.

Your guests now need to turn their backs on you and your tray – and they are not allowed to peek! Working as a team, they need to work out what item on the tray you are holding but listening to the sound. You could be crumpling the paper, running your fingers along the comb, dropping pebbles on the floor and so on.

Mix up the items with some real hard ones! Or use two items at a time to really confuse them.

I’m going on holiday…

There are all kinds of variations of this game, and the great thing is, is that it can be an impromptu game as you don’t need any props and as children’s party games go, this is also a great way to lower the tempo of the party and calm excited children.

Sit in a circle and start your ‘story’ by saying, ‘I am going on holiday and in my suitcase I am going to pack…

Version1 – memory game: you place your item in the suitcase and then the next person starts with the same sentence, followed by your item and theirs. The next person repeats these two items and then adds their own. Make sure everyone starts with ‘I am going on holiday…’ and keep the game going as long as possible.

Version 2 – mystery items: or so it seems! The secret you are not telling your guests is that the item they pack must start with the same letter as their name. As the chief suitcase packer, you say whether they can bring the item or not. It can take a while for the group to realise what is happening, but with plenty of drama, it will soon unfold. Ask each guest what they would pack in the suitcase. After asking 4 or 5 guests, if they still haven’t worked it out, add another item yourself. Don’t forget; this will only work if they know your name!

What children’s party games do you enjoy playing?