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4 of the SIMPLEST birthday cake ideas EVER!

The birthday cake is often the crowning glory of a birthday party, not matter how old the birthday boy or girl is. Often met with gasps of delight and wonder, many birthday cakes often look too good to cut.

If you are looking for the latest in children’s birthday cake ideas, look no further as we have rounded up some of the very best ideas…

Turtle cake

If you are worried that your baking and decorating skills are not yet at the professional level, then you will be looking for simple ideas that have a high impact.

And this is exactly what you get with this round sponge cake, decorated as a turtle.

Ice a round cake with green tinted vanilla frosting, use four, long chocolate biscuits fingers (such as Blue Riband biscuits) as stumpy legs. For the head, use an upturned cupcake covered in matching green vanilla icing. Cut out hexagonal shapes from green coloured, rollable icing for the shell.

Don’t forget to add eyes (black dots of icing will do just fine) and pipe on a smiley mouth.

Koala cake

Something different without really upping the skills needed.

At with the turtle cake, start with a round sponge cake and using vanilla frosting, which is coloured grey, cover the whole cake. Using another sponge cake, cut out two round ears of matching size and a round nose for the centre of the koala’s face.

Using brown or black coloured vanilla frosting for the nose and for the eyes, use two brown chocolate drops or use sweets such as Minstrels or Maltesers. Finish the ears with desiccated white coconut.


Piggy cupcakes

If you want a birthday cake that looks a little different, why not opt for decadent and delicious cupcakes instead?

Make as many sponge muffins, any flavour as you need – make one per guest and an extra batch ‘just in case’.

For piggy cakes, use pink vanilla frosting on top of each muffin as the base for the face, and then marshmallows for the snout. Use dark coloured, thick icing – black works best to add the details such as two small parallel lines on the piggy nose and two small cots for the eyes.

You can either make the ears from rolled icing, dyed pink or ring the changes by using jelly sweet such as ‘Jelly Tots’ for the ears.

The great thing with this idea is that you can create the face of any animal that you like, or mix and match the faces to fit with your theme. To make the muffin different and stand out for the birthday boy or girl, add glitter as well as the obligatory candle.

Afternoon tea Ladybird cupcakes

Still with the muffin, make delicious cupcakes as above but also make a sponge cake, dyed deep red (you will need to invest in food colouring paste as the liquid ones lose their colour on cooking or, with red it turns pink).

Top the muffing with bright green vanilla frosting and using a leaf shaped cutter – try and use the smallest you can find – cut leaves out of green coloured rolled icing, and place them on each muffin top so that they overhang the sides of the muffin case.

Using the cooked, red sponge, cut out oval shapes and place on top of the green vanilla frosting on each cake. Using thick, black icing in a piping bag – or use the tubes of ‘writing’ icing you can buy in most supermarkets – pipe on a smiley lady bird face, along with a central line down the body to denote the wings and a couple of dots on each side.

Kids and adults will delight in these delicious, cute ladybird muffins – perfect for an afternoon tea party.

Variation – instead of lady bugs, use friendly spiders instead. You can make small, truffle type sweets to act as a body and around chocolate disc – such as chocolate drops or Yorkie chocolate discs – and used coloured icing to create a smiley face. For the legs, use stringed sweets cut into small pieces and lay them on top of the muffin. Use any coloured vanilla frosting for the under layer.

Essential birthday party supplies

Birthday cakes form a small part of the girl’s party supplies and boy’s party supplies that you will need. For more ideas, must have recipes and baking equipment, take a look at:

Vanilla Frosting

Cookie cutters

Finally, after all the baking, all you need to do is tuck in and enjoy.