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5 Fun Baby Shower Games

Baby showers should be great fun! They are a gathering of friends and family, all to celebrate the impending birth as well as to support the parents-to-be.

In most cultures, some kind of gathering normally takes place for the expectant mother to help her plan her baby’s arrival. This was, in olden times, the way in which experiences and advice were passed on, as well as traditions within families and communities.

However, with a 21st century twist, baby showers can be a lot of fun, with some great games to play and surprises for the expectant mum. With this in mind, we’ve trawled the internet, looking for five of the best baby shower games.

#1 Dough babies

Getting creative is always a great way of getting people together, along with a healthy dose of laughter and merriment.

Using coloured Play-Doh or Plasticine, give everyone three of four small balls of different coloured dough along with an empty cupcake wrapper.

The idea of the game is to create the cutest model baby that they can. Add a time limit for extra hilarity. Once they are happy with their finished baby model, have them use the empty cupcake or muffin wrapper as the ‘cot’.

Once everyone has finished, line the dough babies up and ask an ‘impartial’ judge to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, along with a prize for the best effort.

Award the first three places, and the ‘extra effort’ dough baby, a prize each!

#2 Feed Daddy

Although traditionally, baby showers are female-only gathering, the modern day baby shower will often include both mum and dad – and we think this is a great way to celebrate the impending birth of their baby together.

This is a blindfold game and one that can be hilarious! Blindfold ‘mum’ and get them to feed ‘dad’ with baby food. What can follow is half an hour of dad being covered in mushy peas and casserole!

#3 Nappy Notes

Changing nappies is something that parents will do for a long time to come, with the inevitable arguments of ‘whose turn is it?’, especially when the nappy is rather full…

Buy a mega box of nappies and ask each guest to write a note on the nappy front with a marker pen. The idea is to keep these nappies as the ‘late night change’ so that at 3am when the new parents are wrestling your eyelids open, there is a funny note or words of wisdom to help you.

The notes can be funny, as well as poignant. Try it and see what your friends or relatives come up with!

#4 Baby bingo

This takes some planning, as well as resources but can be great in a small to medium size baby shower.

Ask the mum-to-be a whole heap of questions – her food cravings, her due date, whether she wants a boy or girl, the date she thinks baby will arrive and so on.

Make up some bingo cards with various answers. As guests mingle and chat, they can be marking off answers on their bingo card. We suggest having a straight line or even 5 out of 10 answers correct.

If the guest had a list of five correct answers on their bingo cards, they need to shout house. Usual bingo rules apply.

#5 Guess the price

We all know that babies can be expensive, especially all the equipment and technology that we seem to acquire to help us parent!

Have a table of essential baby items laid out – or photos from catalogues and websites if this is more convenient – and have each guest guess the cost of each baby item. The guest with the closest overall figure wins the game!

It can be a real eye-opener for some people just how much some baby ‘essentials’ can cost!

And finally…

We couldn’t just leave it at five games! As guests mingle and admire baby shower gifts, have each of them wear five pretty clothes pegs.

Every time a guest hears someone say the word baby – and this could be many times! – they steal a peg from the person.

And yes, you’ve guessed it, the guest with the most number of pegs at a certain time in the baby shower wins a fantastic prize!

With planning and preparation, baby showers can be fun and entertaining, as well as being an opportunity to share stories and shower the expectant mum with gifts galore. Which of these games will you try? What other great baby shower entertainment ideas do you have?