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Christmas Bauble

5 fun Christmas decorations kids can make

Christmas is a great time to get kids involved in all kinds of activities, from baking treats in the kitchen to creating those special Christmas decorations. A specially made gift or Christmas decoration is the stuff that memories are made of and can be kept for years to come.

And, if you are planning a Christmas get together with family and friends, they can make great additions to party bags and the like too; with so many great ideas for kids party supplies (and adults too), you won’t be stuck for small gifts or great decorations either.

What will you make this Christmas? 5 great ideas…

Christmas Cookies

There is no doubt that Christmas is a time to make, bake and taste a whole range of delicious treats. Family and friends love the idea too that kids have helped make these tasty treats and a real simple way is to make Christmas cookies.

Find a simple biscuit dough recipe, and invest in some shaped cutters; stars, Father Christmas, baubles and the like are all traditional shapes. Roll up your sleeves and get baking.

Don’t forget that part of the charm is in the decoration of the cookies; why not try out some edible glitter.

Handmade ornaments

Whether you want to hang the ornaments o scatter them around, handmade ornaments are a great way of adding a personal touch to the Christmas decorations; you could also give them away as presents too.

One great and unusual craft project is to buy plain baubles and leave a hand print on it with your fingers curling up the side (cup the bauble in your hand). Once the paint has dried you can make the fingers into ‘people’ with, cute faces and sparkling hats. They make a great keepsake.

Paper bag puppets

Reindeer bags are a great way to make craft Christmas decorations, as well fabulous personalised gift wrapping. You can buy brown paper bags from most good craft retailers and then using a variety of paints, glitter and shop bought small fluffy pom-poms, you can create reindeer characters on the front of the bag.

You can also paint a variety of other Christmas related characters and with shop bought stencils offering an outline for us more artistically challenged people, you can soon have a whole set of fabulous looking character bags.

Handprint wreaths

These are a favourite Christmas decoration and gift alike, especially for grandparents. There are several ways you can do this…

Option 1: draw your hands on coloured or patterned paper or card and cut out. You then piece the cut outs over a strong piece of cardboard (in a doughnut shape). Make sure they are glued on securely.

Option 2: create a few handprints and then personalise these with names, patterns and colouring in etc. Again, create a wreath using a doughnut shape piece of cardboard and you can also use plain cut outs of hands as well as other printed material to make a delightful homemade handprint wreath.

Pine cone trees

Pine cones are great at this time of year so collect the ones that have opened slightly. Collect an array of sizes too as you can make a delightful homemade Christmas scene with pine cones trees. There are a variety of materials that be bought and used, such as snow spray and glitters in various colours but don’t forget that these materials will need close supervision.

But there are so many ideas that it is impossible to stop at 5! So here 2 bonus Christmas gift ideas…

The next time you have a large glass jar with secure lid, safe it for making your very own snow globe! Using plastic figurines and other materials that are suitable for being immersed in water, make sure they are securely glued to the base of the upturned lid. Once completely dry (leave for 24 hours) fill the jam jar with water, and a healthy dollop of glitter; screw on the lid and shake!

You have your very own snow globe!

Salt dough Christmas tree decorations are great for the trees. Find a quick salt dough recipe  and make a large batch. Using cutters, create a whole heap of different shapes. Bake in the oven according to instructions. Allow to cool completely and then paint to your heart’s content. Use coordinating ribbons for hanging on the tree. If you want to keep them till next year, they will need to be varnished so that the dough is sealed. Keep in an air tight plastic bag and somewhere cool.

Homemade Christmas decorations are great! What will you make?