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5 interesting ideas for kids’ party locations

What to look for in a venue for a children’s party can be a minefield; you are under pressure to get it right. You want your child and their guests to have a great time, you want it to flow smoothly and be a great party.

But, ‘getting it right’ can plunge every parent into a nightmare scenario; with so many options and choices on the type of party, the right or wrong way to do things, it can be easy to set yourself up for failure. Likewise, the competitive spirit that sometimes surrounds children’s party can be an added stress-inducing factor.

So here are 5 interesting ideas for kids parties that should make your party go with a swing…

Tip #1 – Have a theme

Parties can quickly degenerate from an excited, yet controlled affair into ‘running around for 2 hours’. The problem in some cases is that the focus of the party is allowed to drift. One way of retaining composure and purpose is to have a theme.

Clearly, your child will have likes and dislikes, thus, deciding on a theme that they enjoy and that their friends are familiar with can be a great way on ensuring that party is interesting and unique.

Beware of plunging too deep into fancy dress – this is some children’s worse nightmare – thus, making sure that any participation in such things is optional and not overbearing.

In terms of creating an interesting party, this is probably one of the best ways of doing it.

Tip#2 – The right venue, with the right amenities

A few friends over a tea is quite different to 15 to 20 children running around in a haze of non-stop excitement. The venue needs to be able to comfortably accommodate your guests, and a smattering of parents.

Some people go for the full do-it-yourself approach, hiring a hall, decking it out themselves and creating their own child-friendly buffet and so on. For those on a budget, this can save a lot of money.

On the other hand, hiring a venue that has everything can be far more harmonious and less stressful approach; someone else organises the food, tidies away and so on.

Tip #3 – Activity based venue hire

There are many activity centres across the country that offer a range of age-appropriate opportunities for kids (and adults!) to have a go and try something new.

There are high octane, high thrill places such as the swinging through trees and so but, if that is a little out of the price range or not quick the birthday child’s thing, what about taking a step into nature and going on a bug hunt. Some RSPB Reserves have all kinds of bug parties and activities – who said educational activities can’t be fun?

Tip #4 – Take in a show

Perhaps a little expensive but, if it is a special birthday or you really want to make a splash why not take in a show with the kids?

Check with the theatre if they will offer group discounts and take your birthday boy or girl, along with guests for an afternoon or evening at the theatre. Smaller theatres will often have some great stuff on over the holiday season too, so if the birthday falls at certain times of the year, you could have a choice to make.

Follow this with a bite to eat, and you have a great afternoon or evening lined up. Happy birthday child, happy birthday guests.

Tip #5 – Yesteryear

Remember some of the games you played as a child? Why not make a list and brainstorm the rules of play with your friends and then make a pact to teach some ‘old fashioned’ games to the kids?

It can be a great party but it takes commitment too, as well some extra adult’s hands, additional resources and so on.

Worried about ‘not very good winners’? When it comes to games, it pays to have some tricks up your sleeves to help people deal with not being the winner, all the time. Some children are more sensitive to this than others. All it takes is plenty of praise and rewards – a selection of fun stickers will do – as well as some not-over-the-top prizes.

The secret to an interesting party? Planning it!

Parties can be a great way for children to spend time together but, they can also be fraught affairs, with the adults treading a fine diplomatic line. Having plenty of games, resources and ideas up your sleeve will help to avoid ‘breakdowns’. Encouraging interaction between children is important – how will you plan your next birthday party?