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5 Party Games for Adults

Party games aren’t just for children- so with this in mind, we decided to take a look at five of the best party games for adults that are sure to provide plenty of laughter

1- Who am I?

This is a fantastic game and with a few tweaks, you can make it a more ‘grown-up’ version…

How to play:

  1. On sticky notes write down the name of a celebrity, sportsman, inventor, or any popular figure
  2. The person is to place the sticky note on their forehead, without glancing at who is written on their sticky note.
  3. They now need to guess who they are by asking as many questions as they want but they must be ‘closed questions’ – in other words, they can only be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

This game is a great icebreaker because guests have to mingle.

2- Charades

A great game that is perfect for anyone. As the drinks flow, the movement and descriptions can become even more animated.

How to play:

  1. Using films, book titles, well-known sayings, place names and more (the more obscure the better), one guest needs to describe it to the audience using only gestures
  2. To make it more exciting, introduce a time limit of 1 or 2 minutes per mime.
  3. You can also separate the group into teams as this creates a sense of camaraderie that is second to none.

3- Volleyball

This is a high-octane game that is sure to raise lots of laughs. Best play out of doors with some kind of netting hanging higher than head height and substitute a balloon for a ball…

How to play:

  1. Have at least 5 members per team
  2. Create a knock-out league so that you are left with two teams in the final
  3. Use an ordinary balloon, with plenty on standby as some are bound to burst
  4. Mark out a makeshift court and with only 5 minutes to play, the team needs to keep the balloon in the air but also needs to touch the floor
  5. Encourage play to be fast and quick and don’t expect many points scoring – as a referee you can award and deduct points at will!

Top tip – if playing outside, fill the balloon with messy stuff so should it burst (which it will do eventually), players are showered with it: try glitter or shaving foam!

4- Let’s Dance!

But not as you know it! This is a game of copy, repeat and add something new. The results can be hilarious and well worth playing, no matter what you are celebrating.

How to play:

  1. Everyone stands in a circle or a ‘dancing snake’
  2. The first person makes up a simple dance move – like kick a leg, clap hands, wiggle their bottom etc.
  3. The next person copies this move and then adds one of their own
  4. The third person copies the moves from persons one and two and then adds their own – you can see where this is going
  5. If you are stood in position no. 20, you will have 20 moves to do and then add your own!
  6. Once everyone has the idea, add music and watch the fun begin

Have a special prize for the best dancer with the best moves! Take a look at our website for some great prizes, as well as a massive range of party supplies and accessories.

5- Pass the Orange 

Another great game that is sure to get people laughing!

How to play:

  1. Organise two teams and get them to stand in a line – this game works at its best if each team has people of different heights
  2. Give each team an orange. Player one balances this between their chin and neck
  3. Player one passes the orange onto player two- using any body part apart from their hands and arms
  4. Continue this all the way down the line until the orange reaches the end – and don’t forget: NO HANDS must touch the orange.

Have the best of three rounds: start with an orange and then use a parsnip for round two (very, very hard – we’ve tried it!) and then a banana…

What party games for adults have you played?