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5 Ways to Celebrate ‘Family Day’!

Family Day is a chance to take time out from your daily lives, routines and all its challenges. It’s time to spend with your loved ones. It is celebrated on different dates around the world with some people enjoying it in the UK on 25th September.

We think celebrating your own Family Day, on a date and time of your own choosing is the perfect antidote to the busy lives that so many of us lead. The idea is to spend time together, re-connecting, so how should you spend it?

#1 An afternoon of family slide shows and reminiscing

There is nothing quite like regaling family tales and stories to fire the imagination of the younger generation. All too often, we tend to think of relatives as always having been old and straight-laced but there are some great stories from the past! Grab some photo albums, watch family videos and take some time to have a laugh about mums awful 90s haircut.

#2 Board and card games

Before the advent of the internet, it was common for families and friends to pass the time with board and card games. It could be that some of these could be in danger of dying out, with current generations favouring their tech rather than appreciating the simple things. Teach the current generation a thing or two by introducing them to your favourite childhood games- from Ludo, to the card game ‘21’. Can’t remember how to play? Why not refresh your memory!

#3 Explore the outdoors

October can be fantastic in terms of autumn weather and colours, so getting out and about and enjoying the outdoors with your family is a great way to detach from modern life, even if it is just for a day. Family day is not about spending money so you could choose activities that are light on your budget.

  • ‘I climbed a mountain’ – with the right gear, a mobile phone and a map, peaking a hill or a mountain is a great way to spend time. If time and weather allow, enjoy a picnic on the summit too. For more serious walking, consider summitting Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales.
  • Orienteering – sometimes, the best way for a family to reconnect is to face a challenge together. Why not enjoy a walk with a difference by setting a trail for the rest of the family to work out? There is bound to be a lot of laughter and maybe a few arguments too, all of which will soon be forgotten with a prize at the end.
  • Try something new – from flying down a zip wire at 100mph to trampolining in caves, there are all kinds of challenges that as a family you can try. Why not enjoy an afternoon of white water rafting together or take on another challenge that everyone in the family can have a go at?

#4 Have a party

Family day is about reconnecting so why not reconnect with the wider family, as well as those close friends you consider to be ‘as good as family’?

With a range of affordable party supplies, you can theme your party too. Enjoy the best of the autumn weather with a BBQ (but have a gazebo on standby just in case!) and gather around the fire pit in the cool of the evening.

Or, throw a themed party and invite people to come in some kind of fancy dress! Celebrate the heat of the tropics with a Flamingo themed party or get your guests to come dressed as their favourite film character.

The idea is to draw people together and create the memories that we all look back on in years to come.

#5 Enjoy the latest film

Frankly, there is nothing better than a pizza and film night with the whole family. Make sure there is plenty of popcorn along with other nibbles, and enjoy a fantastic movie that will see you laugh and cry in equal measures.

Although you may not be in deep conversation, there is something great about being snuggled up together on the sofa under blankets and throws, with the autumn weather at your window. And because it is such a special occasion, why not create an even more relaxed atmosphere with party supplies like bunting, pretty napkins and colourful plates and bowls? You could also create some lovely party bags full of surprises and treats for the little ones.

When was the last time you spent quality family time together? Plan a Family Day!