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Girl's Birthday party

7 Essential Kid’s Birthday Party Hacks

Organising a kid’s birthday party takes time and effort.

And then you have to keep your energy levels high as you supervise and host the party making sure that every guest enjoys themselves and that the guest of honour – your birthday boy or girl – has a great time too.

And so, when the team here at Party Bags and Supplies come across hacks that make organising a party easier, we want to pass them on to you.

We have scoured the internet, we have talked with busy parents and we have tried out all kinds of time-saving birthday party hacks and we have it: the definitive list of seven hacks that really work.

#1 Balloon-Blowing with a Difference

Balloons are a decorating staple when it comes to birthday parties. As well as helium balloons, festooning the venue with ‘ordinary’ balloons is a great move.

But there is one problem. Going blue in the face blowing them up or spending hours per balloon trying to secure it onto the balloon pump, only for a hole to appear in the neck of the balloon.

Science had the answer all along…

In each deflated balloon, place a sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda. In a bottle fill with half white vinegar. Place the balloon on the bottle, let the soda meet the vinegar and watch your balloon inflate. Repeat as many times as needed!

#2 Balloon Drop

Kids love balloon, right?! So now you have blown up hundreds of balloons without losing your breath, why not create your own balloon drop?

Use a piece of large fabric or net and secure the four corner ‘hammock-like’ in the main party room. When your party is in full swing and your guests dancing away, tip the netting or cut the fabric to release a cascade of colourful balloons.

#3 Party Bags with a Difference

We love party bags but sometimes, it’s nice to do something different. Check out these ideas;

  • Adopt a kitty or a puppy – no, not a real one but a cute stuffed toy. In fact, you could make it any animal you like but as your guests leaves, have them choose a stuffed dog or cat from the crate by the door. So cute, and much better and longer-lasting than a few sweets in a bag.
  • Choose a Book – every child loves being read to and so having a child choose a book as a thank you gift is a really cool idea.

#4 Create your Own Edible Glitter

We love anything that sparkles and so when we came across this recipe, we just had to share it.

To a quarter cup of sugar (about 50g) add half-a-teaspoon of food colour. Mix well and spread the mixture across non-stick parchment paper, resting on a baking tray. Place in the oven at 180°C BUT – this is the important part – keep a close eye on it, as it can fuse together into one big lump. It will take up to 8 minutes for the sugar to dry out, not melt or bind together. Allow to cool and then break it up into edible glitter. Repeat with different colours and use liberally across cakes and sweets.

#5 Unicorn Frosting

Anything quick and easy that gives a wow factor is a hit in our books. Create several different bowls of coloured frosting.

Using a round piping nozzle in a plastic bag or piping bag, layer the different colours in the bag. The smaller the layers, the more rainbow/swirling effect you will get. Ice the top of fairy cakes, muffins and the birthday cake with multi-coloured icing – henceforth known as unicorn icing. The effects are stuffing.

Ad a bit of edible fairy dust for extra detailing.

#6 All in a Name

A name IN a cake? Can it be done?

Bake a cake, colouring the sponge a bright colour. Once baked and cooled, cut out your child’s name across the length of the cake.

Make a new batch of cake batter. Place a third of the mixture in the bottom of a greased, lined baking tin. Add the letters to spell out your child’s name and then add the rest of the cake mixture so that it is completely covered.

Looks amazing and no more effort than baking an ordinary cake – need more help? Take a look.

#7 Hundreds and Thousands Digit

Sometimes, the simplest hacks are the best.

On a frosted cake, place a cookie cutter and pour in a layer of multi-coloured hundreds and thousands cake topping sugar strands (not too deep a layer). Press down firmly. Use the strands to also decorate the edge of the cake.

Remove the cookie cutter and hey pesto, you have a perfect number that corresponds to the birthday boy or girl.

What time-saving hacks do you have? Share them with is here at Party Bags and Supplies.