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7 FREE locations to your next Children’s Party

Children’s birthdays and the accompanying party can be expensive. With more parents realising that spending money doesn’t always make for a great celebration, much more of us are looking for inexpensive party venues.

But finding a free venue can have many advantages. As well as apparently helping your budget out, it also means you can afford to splash out on some more goodies from Party Bags and Supplies, making your party go with a real bang!

But what free venues are out there? And how can you use them?

#1 Home & Garden

Sometimes, having a party at home is far less upheaval than creating the food, transporting it to the venue and so on. You may hear some people say that having a party at a venue means less mess at home, but you can do the same amount of work cleaning up a place, just as you would back at home!

Limiting the number of guests can also make the party more manageable, but can also help for a better quality of party for the guests. Summer is a great time for hosting a party at home because, if you have outdoor space, some of it can take place out there (or it can be a garden party!)

#2 The Park

Any outdoor space can make an excellent venue for a party and the local park is just one of them. Providing you don’t start setting up bouncy castles and other structure, the park is a great place to meet your guests, play games and have food.

Like all parties, however, you will need adequate adult supervision for the size of group you have as well as a clear pickup time and point.

#3 The Woods

Local woodland provides boundless opportunities for creating a brilliant setting for a party.

Having a ramble and finding a magical tea party all set up ready really will make the afternoon go with a swing.

Again, have plenty of adult helpers and an apparent drop-off and pick up point, as well as asking parents to stick to time. Kids love getting out and about and the themes around woodland parties are almost too numerous to mention.

How about bringing a teddy along too?

#4 The Beach

If you are lucky enough to live within striking distance of the coast, a few hours at the beach is unbeatable.

Ask guests to bring a towel, sandals and bucket and spade. Have beach games ready and a delicious picnic full of treats and delicious drink.

Why not make it a themed party, and ask guests to come as something fishy or a pirate?

Adult supervision is a must at a beach-based party and ensures that your small guests are aware of any rules – no wondering off, and no going to sea without an adult.

#5 The local wildlife centre

Local wildlife centres are dotted with towns, cities and villages across the UK, and will often welcome groups to walk around and experience the magic of nature.

They will also provide some great activities too, from colouring into finding creepy crawlies and bugs. If you were having an ‘official’ booked party, there would be a charge but sometimes, they will host special sessions and so on that you can freely attend with a group.

You may find, however, that they demand a certain adult to child ratio that will vary on the age of the child, so always best to ask first.

Some centres are charities and so a donation as you leave would be most welcome.

#6 Nature Trails

Again, there are many places around the country that have nature trails, perfect for taking your guests on a ‘hiking adventure’.

Set up with pre-set walks and interesting stuff along the way, taking a walk on a nature trail can be a great way to enthuse guests about their locality. Or, you can turn the nature trail into a jungle adventure, dodging pretend alligators and being stalked by pretending lions.

Again, make sure you have plenty of help and that kids have Wellies or sturdy shoes that can get muddy!

#7 A lakeside

There are so many outdoor spaces that it is hard to limit it to just seven examples. But all across the UK, there are all kinds of places that can make the perfect venue for a great party.

A lakeside or an open to the public garden can make a great place to meet, place games and share a picnic.

Parties do not have to follow a prescribed path. With a little imagination, some planning and an extra pair of hands or two, why not head to the park or the beach for your next party?