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7 Great Toddler Fancy Dress Ideas

Parties are a great for toddlers and children to learn to socialise and enjoy themselves. Coming up with a great party theme is part of throwing a great party that everyone will enjoy.

We tend to think of fancy dress parties for children that are older or for adult parties but toddlers find dressing up great fun.

If you want to throw a fancy-dress party, you might want to come up with some ideas to inspire your guests. And we have 7 great ideas!

#1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Hungry Caterpillar book is a firm favourite with many children. The character is instantly recognisable, as well as being a popular story for children.

Basing your whole party on the book is a great idea especially as there are some fantastic bright party accessories to decorate your party with. Why not try making your own caterpillar with green coloured balloons as well as choosing from a growing range of Hungry Caterpillar accessories and party bags?

Of course, don’t forget that caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies so that gives you guests plenty of scope for creating beautiful, colourful costumes.

#2 Ride-On Costumes

There is a growing range of affordable costumes that make it look like the wearer is riding a horse, dragon, donkey, dinosaur etc.

For toddlers, these are loads of fun and with many designs, there are all kinds of themes that would lend themselves well to your party. Or you could just ask your guests to come in a ride-on costume. As well as online retailers, some major supermarkets also carry these costumes.

#3 Trades

With toddlers you don’t have to look too far to find things that inspire and enthral them.

From fire fighters to doctors and nurses, from builders to farmers, there are a whole range of trades people and professions that they come to identify with.

The great thing about this theme is that there are plenty of online and high street retailers that sell costumes and toys that would work really well.

#4 Film and TV Characters

If you are looking for an easy theme that everyone can identify with, another great idea is to use a favourite character from a TV or film.

The beauty of this is that not only are costumes widely available and affordable, but also really simple to make costumes yourself too.

#5 Tigger

We all know the orange and black stripes of the character Tigger from the Winnie Pooh stories and his high-energy antics with his springy tail.

Toddlers immediately identify with Tigger because he is so zany and colourful. There are a range of romper suits that kids love – and one of them is Tigger.

That means having a party full of Tiggers is the ideal theme for your party! There are other accessories too, just in case you have a toddler reluctant to be in full fancy dress. Better still, these rompers make great onesies for keeping warm of an evening too!

#6 Roaring Dinosaurs

Another great character that will be a hit with a toddler’s fancy dress party is dinosaur costumes.

Again, available to buy as romper suits, dinosaurs are loads of fund when it comes to party themes. If you have a toddler who likes getting in to mischievous – which toddler doesn’t?! – this is the ideal theme. With plenty of roaring action, toddlers dressed as dinosaurs is more cute than scary.

#7 Outer Space

And finally, we think that the space theme is perfect for toddlers. Easy to dress as astronauts and with plenty of space-inspired decorations, plates and cups, you can easily transform the humble party venue into something out of this world.

Of course, there are also famous cartoon, film and TV character that toddlers watch that can also be easily used as a character or characters for a fancy-dress party.

An Open Fancy Dress Theme

You could always leave the theme open for your guests to decide what to come as – for example, why not ask your friends to come as their favourite character or animal? There are plenty of outfits available that are affordable and perfect for any toddler party.

Toddler parties can be so much fun, especially when your little guests dress up. Costumes don’t have to be expensive, with many parents making their own with stunning results.

Better still, with our ever-expanding range of accessories for toddler and children’s parties, you will be spoilt for choice,