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7 Ideas for Great Kid’s Party Favours

The definition of a favour is to do someone an act of kindness which is why party favours, party bags and loot bags are a great treat for your young guests at the end of a party!

And who doesn’t love getting a small thank you gift or surprise? The problem is that some kid’s party favours can be stuffed full of sweets and cheap plastic toys that frankly, kids don’t play with. In spite of being bolstered by a hefty slice of birthday cake, some loot bags can be a little thin on the ground when it comes to pleasant surprises which is why we have put together these seven ideas for great kid’s party favours – even better, they are great for both boys and girls!

#1 Mini-bubble gum machine

These are a great idea and can be reused once the original bubble gum balls have been eaten. The mini-bubble gum machine is designed along traditional lines, and all you need to do is twist the handle for a luscious ball of gum to be released.

Great for older kids.

#2 A colour book with a personalised twist

Colouring in between the lines is no longer just an activity for kids; adults have been getting in on the craze with colour books specifically themed for big kids.

And kids still love colouring in too, but we love the idea of adding a personalised twist. You can find colouring books online that can be personalised with your guest’s names on the front cover. And with some suppliers, you can also specify the type of pictures for colour in too or choose from a set of pre-printed books.

#3 Origami kid

The art of paper folding has been around for four centuries or more, and it is a skill that anyone can master. And small hands can make small origami animals and other delightful little items.

There are books with patterns marked out, complete with instructions and then can spend many a rainy afternoon folding and overlapping paper to make anything from a bird to a cow, to a house or boat. We think this is a great idea if your party theme is one of art and crafts.

#4 Make your own treasure chest

If you are hosting a pirate or sea-themed party, making these treasure chests is a perfect way of including children’s party bag themes in the overall design of your party.

Online and high street craft retailers will sell plain cardboard boxes, some with hinged lids. Simply by enough for each party guest (and one or two spare) and paint them brown. When the paint is dry, use a heavy, black marker to add lines to denote the slats of wood and look for irate treasure to fill them with.

#5 Personalised chocolate bars

Personalising kid’s party favours is a great way of showing kids and parents that you have thought through who to invite and how much you enjoy their little ones coming to play and enjoying the party.

There are all kinds of ways you can personalise party bags but we think a great personalised item to add to a loot bag is a personalised chocolate bar.

Buy well-known large chocolate bars and print off your own label on your printed. With a dash of glue or a slice of sticky tape, simply secure the printed wrapper on the chocolate bar and pop in the loot bag.

#6 Seed packets

This is a novel idea and what that is great for any age of child. Small plastic plant pots are relatively inexpensive to buy a large bag of peat-free compost. Put a large handful of compost into small bags and seal tightly. Next, choose a seed to include – a favourite it a sunflower seed or why not opt for a vegetable such as a carrot? – and include all this in the loot bag, along with printed instructions on how to care for your plant, from seed to seedling to full grown plant!

#7 Bendy modelling clay

Sometimes, the traditional part bag items work the best, and we think a great item to include is bendy modelling clay – and the more colours you can pack in, the better!

But, why not include something extra and set your party guests a post-party challenge? Ask them to make a certain shape – such as a multi-coloured elephant or a house with three levels, etc. – and then ask them to take a photo and upload it to your Facebook page?

There is bound to be much hilarity and a great way to stay connected with your child’s friends too.