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7 Simple Steps to make Cleaning Up after a kids’ party super-easy!

We all dread one thing about hosting a birthday party for the kids – the cleaning up afterwards. Year after year, it doesn’t seem to get any easier and you spend just as many hours after the party cleaning up, as you did preparing and hosting it.

Party Bags and Supplies understand the dilemma faced by many hosting parents – just how do you keep the party semi-tidy, and not leave yourself with hours of cleaning post-party? We have seven simple straightforward suggestions to cutting down on mess and clutter…

#1 Recyclable plates, cups and so on

Why make yourself more cleaning up to do with washing plates and cups etc.? You may think that disposable plates, cups and so one are not environmentally friendly but actually they are. Scrape excess food into the compost bin or food recycling pot for your local council, and then the plates and so forth can be recycled in your cardboard collection every week.

Plastic is not an issue either, with many manufacturers using recycled materials in the construction of their items but also in how easily they can be recycled and turned into something else.

#2 Be prepared

Just like you have thought of every little thing for the party itself, be prepared before for the after-effects of having a handful of little guests running around. Remove anything from the party venue or rooms in your home that you don’t want broken/ splattered with sticky finger marks.

The less clutter there is about the house, the less cleaning up there is to do afterwards. Have your recycling containers ready so that waste can be quickly sectioned off – remember, do the job once, and not in stages as this takes time and effort. So, when tidying up, for example, plastic goes in one carrier, cardboard in the other and so on.

#3 Have bins/bin bags EVERYWHERE!

The biggest mistake people make is not having enough bins or bin bags scattered throughout the venue. If guests cannot find anywhere to put their things, it will just pile up on the side, window sills, sofa, floor…. You name it, you will find some kind of rubbish there.

Don’t forget too, that making a frequent trip around with a bin bag, asking if anyone has a rubbish is a great way of staying on top of the mess so that you don’t have piles of cleaning up to do when everyone has left.

#4 Many hands, make like work

It is true that hosting a children’s party can be exhausting and so, if you have family and friends who would be willing to lend a hand or two, why not ask them to help you? Most people love to be asked and someone whipping round with a bin bag and brushing the floor is half an hour well spent that no one doing it at all.

Just don’t forget that you will need to return the favour too.

#5 Rent dishes

However, if plastic forms and paper plates are not your style, and you want something a little more robust then renting dishes is not to be sniffed at.

Companies that offer glass loan service at around Christmas time will also no doubt also offer a rental service when it comes to plates, bowls and so on. There are instances where they will also accept the plates back dirty and cleaning is part of the service. Some will also pick up and drop off.

Now, that really is decadence.

#6 Send leftover food home with guests

You’ve had people helping you out, so why not send them home with a good bag of left over buffet too? People tend to graze at parties but may not feel like a full meal when they get home. Nibbling on delicious sausage rolls, munching crisps and so on, make for a perfect decadent snack!

Some of the party food make for great ‘left over’ meals too. Check out these recipe ideas or consider donating the food to a local charity, if they will take it.

#7 Keep on top of it

You may decide to kick back and to hell with it, and just throw yourself into it, promising you’ll tidy up the mess after. And this is not a problem, if you are prepared for it.

If, however, you are slightly more cautious, having a sweep round every now and then with a bin bag, picking up cups from the stairs and half-eaten savoury eggs from the sofa, you will be amazed at how quickly you can tidy up after the party.

Better still, why not offer extra pocket money to your kids for helping you out…?