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7 Tips for Throwing a Fantastic Pizza Party!

Party Pizza Day is celebrated worldwide every May but with pizza surely being the most universally loved food, we think you can have a pizza party any day of the year.

Better still, it is a party that works for both children and adults. And this is how you go about hosting the perfect pizza party…

#1 Ditch the delivery and make your own

A pizza party is NOT ordering from the well-known pizza chain and sitting back assuming that will be enough.

If you want to host a party of any kind – what about hosting a baking party? – your guests expect you to put some effort in and a pizza party if no different.

But if this turns you off the idea because you assume it will be far too much and faff, think again.

#2 Make your own dough the day before

Making your own pizza dough is not complicated but can be pretty onerous if your pizza party is going to be a big one.

Having said that, by making your own you can determine the shape and size of the pizza base, something you can’t do with shop bought.

Keep shop bought pizza bases on standby however, just in case you run out.

#3 Have toppings chopped and in containers

The idea behind a pizza party is for your guests to create their own wonderful, personal pizza toppings. And to do so whilst chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

Therefore, chopping ingredients before your guests arrive mean you spend more time hosting and less time in the kitchen.

Make sure you keep everything separate so everyone can dip into their favourite ingredients. Have cutlery on standby too.

#4 Have the pizza oven heated ready

If you are using a pizza oven, either a stand-alone in the garden, one of the BBQ or just your oven, to ensure everyone gets a slice of pizza in good time, have a continuous ‘pizza out, pizza in’ process so that guests are not waiting longer than a few minutes for a slice.

#5 Experiment with flavours

Everyone loves pizza! But we are creatures of habit so suggesting we change the tomato sauce for a rich BBQ one is sacrilege to some people.

However, a pizza party is the ideal time to dare to suggest different sauces and toppings. Supply a range of cheeses for example, other than the tried and tested mozzarella.

Provide plenty of topping options too. You never know, you could convert someone to anchovies on their pizza as well as other fish such as tuna chunks and prawns.

Plenty of meat choices are a good idea too, along with plenty of vegetables and what have you for the vegetarian guests.

You never know, you might solve the riddle of whether ham and pineapple is really the right combination for a pizza topping…

#6 Consider investing in a pizza stone

If you enjoyed hosting a pizza party or are a die-hard must-have-pizza-many-times-a-week fan, investing in a pizza stone is a great move.

There are ones for use on the oven, as well as those that fit neatly onto the BBQ, perfect for expanding the BBQ menu with pizza the next time you host a garden party.

#7 Don’t forget sides

Pizzas are great when served with sides. We love our pizzas with;

  • Sweet potato chips – simply peel and slice thinly, and then drop into a heated roasting tin and pop in the oven until crispy.
  • Mediterranean veg – roasted veg develops a lovely sweetness about it. Cut red onion and different coloured peppers into large chunks and drop into a heated roasted pan. After about 20 minutes, give them a good shake and add quartered mushrooms and whole cloves Roast for another 10 to 15 minutes. Serve with sprinkled with sea salt as they are or pile on top of couscous for a lovely summer salad. Add cubes of feta or goat’s cheese for added flavour.
  • Sauces and dressings – olive oil drizzled over hot pizza is simply delicious, as it is served with potato salad, coleslaw and other tasty dressing and sauces. Why not add a drizzle of blue cheese dressing and a handful of peppery rocket to turn a pizza from ordinary to extraordinary?

And don’t forget, no party is complete without decorations and accessories – and we can help with all the party supplies you need!