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9 Fun Frozen Party Activities

The film ‘Frozen’, from Walt Disney Pictures, is a movie that many children – and adults! – to their hearts; based on an epic voyage of Anna to find her sister Elsa, it is a story that captures everyone’s imagination.

With the curse of being able to create snow and ice, Elsa has plunged her kingdom in to an eternal winter. To find Elsa, Anna needs to the help of many characters, who make great travelling and adventure companions.

With such a popular film, there are many ‘Frozen’ party supplies to make any child’s party a great themed event but, why not really make the occasion special and add in some fun ‘Frozen’ party activities…?

  1. Build the snowman, Olaf!

Olaf is a great character in the film, with a childlike innocence that endears him to many people and thus, having him as a character at your themed party is a priority!

Creating your own edible version of Olaf is a great activity for little hands. Have one made up ready to show your guests how they could make theirs look; have on hand plenty of marshmallows (big and small sizes), chocolate chips, pretzels and any other small titbits that you think will create the perfect edible Olaf!

Once complete, get your guests to pose with their Olaf’s for a group photo!

  1. Snowball toss

The film is all about ice, cold and snow; the one thing every child enjoys when we get a dollop of the white stuff is throwing snow balls and even it is a glorious sunny day, the ‘Frozen’ snow ball game can be played… didn’t Olaf himself say he dreamed of “hot days and sunshine”?

Keep the theme going by having purple and blue buckets (the two colours synonymous with the film and brand), and have two teams tossing snowballs in to the buckets.

  1. Snowball fight

Still with the theme of snowballs, why waste those balls of white foam or styrofoam balls; re-using them with a controlled, indoor snow ball fight is a great way to release tension and nervous energy. Keep the time short and the rules simple, but always check that the venue, or your lounge, has all the priceless antiques removed first…

  1. A photo booth

Photos and videos are so much easier to do these days, and share across the web. With so many camera phones being of such good pixel quality, along with ‘point and shoot’ cameras, the use of photos booths are parties is a great way of adding a dash of fun and excitement.

Create a Frozen back drop, have crowns and wands, maybe some fake snow, and get your guests posing!

  1. Make your own snow globes

Collect robust jam jars and keep the lids. With plenty of glittery snow (how about white and silver glitter missed together?), have some glue on hand and, under adult supervision, help your guests create their own snow globes. They may a great take home present too.

  1. Snowmen army!

Olaf is just one snowman character that children love but how about really tapping in to their creative side, but getting them to create they own snowman. Using marshmallows and skewers or using craft material, get them to create fabulous characters and don’t forget to name the snowmen.

  1. Wands

The wand figures prominently in the film and are, of course, known throughout the time are being the magical tool that can create so much fun, excitement and drama. Creating your own princess wand is a great activity that can be used as a calming ‘game’. Again, oodles of glitter, sparkles, and glue will be needed.

  1. Download some ‘Frozen’ printables to colour in or create characters

If nothing else, these printable sheets of the characters etc. can be fabulous for creating time and space for calming the guests down before food, or for a handy ‘gap filler’, as guests arrive or depart.

  1. Hot cocoa bar

Adult supervision required here but one way we all warm up when it’s cold and frozen out there is to make a hot chocolate… and who doesn’t like chocolate? Why not get your guests to create their own hot chocolate creations?

A great theme that so many children will love!

‘Frozen’ is a great film and one that will stand the test of time, becoming a classic in so many ways. Inviting guests to dress as their favourite character, decking the venue in the purple and blue theme, along with themed party accessories such as plates and cups, will create the perfect wonderland for your party.