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9 of the Best Christening Party Ideas

Your little one has brought enormous change to your lives. Many parents choose to celebrate this with either a christening or a naming ceremony.

It is a chance for family and friends to gather too, enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the newest addition to the family.

But like all parties and family gathering, a christening needs planning which is why this handy list of nine christening party ideas is perfect!

#1 Keep young children happy

First and foremost, a christening is a family affair which means that you will have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all mingling and enjoying themselves.

For young children, a family party can be so exciting it is overwhelming. You don’t want hordes of kids just running around in circles, so planning activities and games is essential.

First and foremost, make sure you have plenty of options for kids to play and interact at your christening party. Have a mixture of activities, from quitter games or activities to games that can help burn-off some of that excess energy.

#2 Buy in activities and entertainment too

As hard as you try, you are not going to be able to do everything at your party so whilst the odd game of football with the kids might suffice for a few minutes, you are not going to be able to keep everyone entertained if you are running around the pitch.

Frankly, you need help which is why hiring a local children’s entertainment company for a few hours is perfect for keeping the kids entertained.

#3 Bring in a little romance

Christenings are a meaningful time. This little person has come into the world because two people love each other. The same is true when couples or individual adopt or foster a child.

Christenings tend to be separated into two parts. The first is the baptism ceremony followed by family and friends gathering to enjoy the day. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have anything meaningful in the latter part of the day.

Water lanterns are a delightful gesture that make any space look pretty, so if you have a garden pond or there is a pond or lake at the venue, lighting water lanterns to remember family and friends who have passed on but are still important to your family, is a lovely gesture at a christening.

#4 Christening games for the adults too

Although the baby or child is usually the star of the show, your adult guests will appreciate some entertainment too.

Just like with the kids, have some events and activities dotted about for them to engage in. This also makes great memories of the day.

#5 Floating wishes

There are many traditions and ideas that you can borrow from other countries that bring more than a hint of delight to the christening of your little one.

Making good wishes for your child, their health and their future is something you can incorporate in your day. You could have a Wishes Book in which people write message for you and your little one. Or for something different, fold different coloured paper into small boats and have guests write wishes for your little on and set them sailing on your pond or lake.

#6 Releasing doves

Releasing white doves is something we associate with weddings but they can also be used at christening parties too.

Of all the christening party ideas we think this is the one that has the most poignancy. White doves are symbols of peace and love and as they are released, they are thought to fly high to heaven, taking messages and wishes to loved ones. We guarantee there will not be a dry eye in the house.

#7 Sky lanterns

Like all parties and gathering, a christening party has a beginning and an end but rather than just letting the party fizzle out when people start to make their own way home, signal the end of the gathering by releasing some sky lanterns.

Again, it is a magical moment and one that people will remember for a long time.

#8 Balloons with christening wishes

Buy some helium grade balloons, fill with helium, attached pink or blue ribbon, along with blank wishes cards. Ask your guests to write a good wish or message for your child and then set the bunch of balloons free.

When releasing balloons or sky lanterns, always check that you are allowed to do this in your area. If you are close to an airport may have to request permission, and check for overhead power lines too. Always have a responsible adult supervise children and youngsters.

#9 Plant a tree

Christenings are a time of new hope and looking forward to your little one having adventures. As you watch them grow, why not watch a tree you planted on their christening day grow too?