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A Bonfire Night to Remember – How to Organise a Great Fireworks Party

Bonfire Night is one of the best nights of the year to throw a party! Get out the sparklers, bring on the guy, and follow these top tips to organise a celebration to remember!

If you’re new to organising parties, Bonfire Night is a great place to start. As a large part of the celebration takes place outdoors, so you won’t have as much indoor preparation to do or as much cleaning up to do afterwards. Secondly, you won’t need to worry too much about entertainment since fireworks are exciting enough in their own right! As celebrations go, bonfire parties are relatively trouble free as long as you take a few sensible safety precautions.

Whether you’re only inviting friends and family, or it’s a community event, these handy hints will make sure that your event goes with a bang – literally!

Building A Bonfire

A bonfire itself is central to a bonfire party. The key is to begin preparing a few days before the event itself. You should always choose a sheltered spot well away from any bushes or trees which could accidentally set alight. Dig a shallow area of soil or turf and then arrange bricks or stones in a circle around its edge. Using twigs or newspaper, fill the centre and then place some larger sticks over the top. Finally, logs go on the top, but make sure to leave space for air to circulate. If the weather is likely to be wet (and that’s highly likely in November) you should cover the prepared bonfire with a tarpaulin until the evening of the party.

Selecting Fireworks

 There is an enormous range of fireworks to choose from these days, but remember that they can be costly. Perhaps a few families could get together to pay for a couple of boxes for a more impressive display. If lighting lots of separate fireworks is going to be problematic or a safety issue, there are many different single ignition boxes available. This means that only a single fuse needs to be lit, which is practical for most occasions.

Staying Safe

While sparklers are a key part of any bonfire party, loved by children and adults alike, they can be a safety hazard. If you’re going to use sparklers during your event make sure that you have a bucket of water or sand. Also ensure that everyone uses gloves so that you don’t have any burns to deal with.

Although everyone wants to see fireworks at a bonfire party, they can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. Never buy fireworks from a market stall as they could be poorly made and may cause an injury. Only purchase from reputable suppliers and check the box for a BS7114 safety code. Always thoroughly read the instructions before attempting to light the fuse of any fireworks and take care to securely fix them to the ground to prevent wobbling before use. It makes sense to have a first aid kit nearby just in case anyone gets burned accidentally.

After you light a firework, never go back to it, even if it doesn’t go off. Should it fail to work, leave it alone for a full 20 minutes before dropping it into a bucket of water. You must always check how much space you need to set off each firework, as many gardens will be too small to allow for the largest fireworks to be used safely.

Dealing With Dogs And Children

While children may be very excited at the idea of a bonfire party, they may be scared of the noise. Try keeping some ear muffs to hand to muffle the sounds or headphones to protect smaller ears. Dogs are likely to be distressed by a fireworks display, so always ensure that pets are kept indoors.

A Firework Feast

Food and drink is a big part of any party, but keep it simple to avoid creating extra fuss on the day. Mugs of soup, crisps and nuts, hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows, burgers and hot dogs are all easy to prepare and eat with minimal mess and hassle. Finger foods are perfect as that leaves one hand free to hold a child’s hand, a sparkler or a drink. What could be better!

Follow these helpful tips and you’re sure to have a wonderful evening. So stay safe, and enjoy!