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A guide to pulling off the perfect children’s party

We have all been to a great party; the one that seemed to flow effortlessly, the time flew on by and everyone left after having a great time. It may be that you have tried to replicate this but found the whole thing stressful, tiring and not-quite-hitting-the-mark. If you are looking to pull off the perfect children’s party, read through our comprehensive guide…

Before you start…

However, before you start ordering great party bags and supplies from www.partybagsandsupplies.co.uk it is worth spending a few moments considering why you are throwing this party. Apart from celebrating a child’s birthday, was can happen is that parents end up in a situation of trying to out-do the last party in terms of pizzazz and fireworks. For example, do you really need to invite the whole class or take a 4 hour trip to the zoo, followed by a hot buffet with local caterers and a butler?!

Through the whole planning process, it is the child’s likes and dislikes that should be at the forefront of your planning. So let that stress melt away now…

The Basics

What is it that you child would enjoy? The whole class having a raucous afternoon in the garden on a bouncy castle or a few friends for tea and an activity. You might actually want to ask them too, if they want a party.

Don’t feel compelled to host a party every year either, as ‘keeping something back’ for those special birthday’s is important too.

And finally, play to your own strengths too. If you are a natural host, comfortable in entertaining hoards on small children then “great!” If not, consider options that suit you. Not all parties have to be the same.

The Practicalities

  • The number of guests

In the end, the number of children you invite is down to you, however the younger the children, the smaller your party should be BUT, when they start school, the whole class approach comes in to play. For fear of offending people, the whole class invite becomes the norm! For some this is a nightmare… don’t feel pressured in to doing this and sit with your child to create an invite list. Ask for an RSVP, but always cater for those that don’t get back to you with an answer.

Top Tip: distribute the invites away from the classroom! At the school gate works, or use text, email or pop through the letterbox.

  • Set both a start and an end time

The biggest nightmare situation is when you have a houseful of party guests to entertain and no end in sight… always set an end time.  For smaller children, keep the time limit to about 2 hours; with older children you may want to extend it but make sure you have plenty of help…


  • Assistance!

No one can run a whole party on their own, so ask family and friends for help! People love to feel included, even if it’s Grandma doing the washing up and following the trail of rubbish, tidying up.


  • Food

The biggest headache for many party hosts is the food. Children tend to be over-excited at parties so keeping food simple will save you a headache and always have plenty of drinks on stand-by. And don’t forget, it does not have to be a four-course meal – the staple sandwiches, sausage rolls, mini pizzas and the like will be just fine.

Top Tip: don’t forget to check with parents regarding food allergies and intolerances.


  • Games and activities

The younger the children the more party tricks and games you will need up your sleeve but don’t pack too much in! However, having a few games that will also calm the atmosphere ready for food is a great way of having an ebb and flow to a party; this way the party glides along, rather than just being one horrid mess of over-excited children.

Top tip: want something different? How about a craft party where the guests get to leave with their creations?


  • Teaming up with a friend

There is always opportunity to team up with another parent who has a child born around the same time; shared parties are a great way of sharing not only the expense but the burden of hosting the perfect party too!

  • Budget

Another issue that is a common concern is budget; competing with how grand or lavish you child’s party is, is not the name of the game. With some parents spending £300 per party for each of their children, the cost soon begins to escalate https://en.paperblog.com/cheap-but-still-cheerful-hosting-a-child-s-party-on-a-budget-805954/ but remember, it is the fun times that children have that they remember… not the sparkly balloons and expensive bunting.

If nothing else…

Keep your party…

ü  Simple – it doesn’t have to be extravagant or over-the-top

ü  Moving – have a plan of action for the few hours you are hosting the party; let the children play but also have structured games or activities

ü  Short – 2 hours is great, but 4 hours is a marathon!

ü  Creative – there are loads of games and fun ideas for activities online

ü  Safe – don’t allow yourself to be a babysitting service; ask parents to stay if the children are very young as socially, they may find the whole thing just too much – and you cannot be the ‘host with the most’ whilst cradling someone else’s upset child.