A Simple Guide to Princess Party Ideas!

little girl dressed up as a princess

Which little girl doesn’t like being treated like a Princess? There is no better time to spend the day as a pretend royal than on your birthday and for a little girl, having a princess themed party is simply wonderful.

But don’t settle for ordinary princess parties, ring the changes with this simple guide to getting the best princess party…

#1 Themed and fancy dress princess party

Firstly, you need to set the scene and this means inviting all your guests to come as princesses and princes. This is easily done with costumes available from various retailers, as well as some pretty crowns and tiaras.

Your birthday queen, however, needs to really look the part. Make sure they have a pretty dress that is also practical for running around with friends and enjoying the entertainment too!

#2 Theme the venue too

Most people will associate princess-themed parties with pink but you can create a different and equally stunning backdrop with these suggestions;

  • When it comes to royalty themed parties, gold and silver, along with other metallic colours never go out of fashion
  • A neutral background colour, such as beige or cream, is the perfect choice for showing off the other two pastel colours your pick – how about a pretty pink and a bright white?
  • Balloons are perfect no matter what the theme but take a look at some of the balloons with crown motifs on them. Mix themed with plain, block coloured balloons so that the important ones stand out
  • As well as napkin rings and pretty plates, why not invest in some plastic, stemmed champagne flutes? Kids love drinking out of these and you could also introduce them to how someone is toasted at a royal event!
  • We love the use of fairy lights too, as this can really make the party venue look special.
  • Don’t forget the throne! Every birthday princess should have a throne. You can make your own – simply add a high back to an ordinary chair, decorate and there you have it, your very own princess throne – or you could hire one from one of the many party hire businesses across the UK.

With any princess themed party, bigger is always better so making your own napkins rings with a massive jewel at its centre is perfect for making a statement with your table decorations.

#3 Royalty inspired food

Food at royal events and parties tends to be dainty morsels, perfect for your princess themed party!

However, cucumber sandwiches might not be as popular as they are at the Queen’s annual garden party as they are with your small guests. Stick with the traditional fillings, but present them in a way that makes them princess like.

Finger sandwiches and tasty treats are simply perfect for any princess themed party.

#4 All eyes on the cake!

Frankly, if you are treating your birthday girl like a princess for the day, then the crowning glory has to be the cake – and a supermarket-bought one isn’t really going to cut the mustard.

Having a cake made by a specialist local baker is not as expensive as you think it is. Take a look at photo social media sites for ideas. There are some great ideas for royalty-inspired cakes for all ages.

#5 Must-have entertainment

A list of princess party ideas wouldn’t be complete without entertainment.

In the courts of old, the queen or king would have been entertained by a jester, the modern day equivalent of a comedian and magician rolled into one. There are many entertainers, all reasonably priced, who could be the modern-day jester for your princess themed party.

As well as buying in entertainment, you could also make your own. Royal parties may be genteel affairs, but introducing the birthday princess and their friends to some traditional birthday games is no bad thing;

  • Lawn games – these were outside games that royals and their guests played to while away the afternoon. Why not have a light-hearted game of mini-golf, horseshoes, boules or skittles? There are many low-skill lawn games that can make the party go with a swing.
  • Modern games, with a twist – musical statutes, musical chairs, you name it, you can still play it at your princess themed party although you might need to make allowances for the princess gowns and tiaras…


And finally, princess-themed party bags

With so many accessories and party bits and bobs, no list of princess party ideas would be complete with a regal gift or loot bag at the end of the party.

Have your birthday queen thank their guests and bid them farewell with a delightful mini-handbag of regal delights. From a bumper pieces of birthday cake, to a tiara of their own, there are many things that can be included in the party bags.

What will you include in yours?