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Adults sat down in fancy dress

Hilarious Adult Fancy Dress Themes

Is there anyone who didn’t enjoy the dressing up box? By wearing a different hat or enjoying dressing in a costume, we could transport ourselves from reality to a world of fantasy and adventure.

Creative Fancy Dress Ideas

We assume that imaginative play is just for the kids but for teens and adults, a fancy dress party can be the very thing we need to escape the normality of everyday life.

If you are looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place…

Film characters

Films are a fantastic source of information but if you feel you need more modern or relevant ideas when choosing your fancy dress supplies, then why not try…?

  • Sherlock Gnomes is a fresh take on the imaginary world of gnomes although who says the humble garden gnome doesn’t come alive when night falls? There are so many dressing up opportunities with this one we wouldn’t know where to start or end.
  • The Incredibles 2 has a great storyline and again, plenty of characters to mimic
  • Hotel Transylvania 3 set for release in the summer of 2018 is also perfect if you want something more outlandish. With its pedigree in films of a similar ilk, such as the Addams Family, you can use green makeup, witches hats, brooms and capes to transform you and your guests from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

Step back in time

Films are great but if you are not a film buff, it can be tough coming up with a character. Thankfully, all you need to do is step back in time…

  • Cavemen and women lived at a time when society was just as complex as today and so making sure you have the right attire is important. Why not go back to the stone age?
  • Victorian times were also interesting too and although we think of this time in history as being straight-laced, it was the age of the music hall, a bawdy, raucous form of entertainment that everyone Pinch in those waists ladies and gentlemen, reach for the waistcoat and enjoy a night of entertainment with friends.
  • Your childhood era is a popular theme and great for stepping back down your memory lane. Celebrate a significant birthday with guests dressed from the era of your childhood such as the psychedelic mix of the 80s or the flares of the 70s

Out of this world

Quite literally, with these ideas…

  • An alien and space people theme is a great way of being really outlandish when it comes to ‘anything goes’. Bright colours with lots of tinfoil, dressing up as an alien or a ‘space person’ is sure to raise a laugh or two.
  • Or why not have a party full of morphs? Morph suits are proving incredibly popular. Available in a range of colours and finishes, you can be a blue morph character in a head to toe outfit or choose a colour of your choice.
  • A ‘bad taste’ theme is one that is getting more and more attention because it really can means guests arriving in the most ‘bad taste’ of costumes. Hate Marmite? Go dressed as a jar of Marmite… or, if you are brave enough, what about a mankini? You get the picture, we’re sure!

Other Great Ideas

  • The circus provides plenty of dressing ups cope too although you may think a little predictable but no one says that every idea has to be original…
  • Christmas crackers and turkeys also give plenty of scope when it comes to guests finding plenty of fancy dress supplies. Making a fancy dress theme too hard or bespoke and you may find not as many people RSVP as coming to your party.
  • Cops and robbers is another theme that always goes down well, with costumes available for hire from more party suppliers as well as being cheap enough to buy. Simply add a swag bag!
  • A Hawaiian theme is great too if you want plenty of colour, perfect for a summer party too! From floral shirts to shorts and flower garlands, most people feel comfortable with this theme.
  • And finally, let’s get physical with a fitness-themed Ideal for anyone brave enough to party the night away in a leotard or even don the moustaches of the 118, 118 characters.

Has this list proved an inspiration? If so, why not send us photos of your fancy dress party? Or, find more ideas for costume party themes