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Hilarious Adult Halloween Party Games

Halloween is for adults too! We’ve compiled our favourite Halloween party games to keep your friends entertained for the evening. From hosting a murder mystery dinner party to scary treasure hunts, here are seven of our best games – easily set up with fun halloween party supplies

Shots and tags

As you circulate with a tray of drinks, have a special Hallowe’en tray with shot glasses filled with various alcoholic and non-alcoholic ‘potions’ – it can be cocktails, shots, whatever you like (don’t forget to order shot glasses as part of your Halloween party supplies order!).

Once the guests have enjoyed their drink, they need to perform the action on the tag attached to the drink. You can fall back on the ‘truth or dare’ instructions if you like but either way, serve these drinks once the party has got going and your guests will be entertained for hours.

Musical Statues with a twist

We all know the game of musical statues – when the music plays, you dance – but with our adult version, you dance when the music is playing and stand still when it stops BUT, there are additional rules…

  • Two people must be stood on a sheet of paper – start with a large sheet from a broadsheet Any couple that moves or are off balance is ‘out’.
  • The piece of paper needs to get smaller every time – so fold a third over, then another third, then another and so on.
  • At least one foot of each of the pair have to be on the newspaper on the ground – so yes, you can wrap your leg around your partner and vice versa.
  • The winners are those who are both standing on the smallest piece of paper.

“Don’t say…”

Really simple this one but great fun. As your guests arrive they are given two clips that represent the chance NOT to say a given word – make it a common word but not one that will be overly used, like Hallowe’en. If they say it, the other person takes their clip. The winner is the person with the most clips.

Horror and Hallowe’en trivia

Who doesn’t love a quiz? And who doesn’t love a quiz when it gets them an extra drink? Set up a short or spirit bar where guests can only qualify for a shot of their favourite drink if they answer the question correctly. Seeing as it is Hallowe’en, base it on horror, ghosts and Hallowe’en trivia.

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Murder Mystery

This can be both an icebreaker game or you can go the full hog and host a murder mystery Hallowe’en party.

Guests love it and contrary to what you may think, a murder mystery party is much easier to set up than you think. If your party budget is fairly handsome, you can always buy in a professional acting company to do it all for you.

Or you can host it yourself. You’ll need a story, characters for people to act out and a fantastic mystery to solve. If you are planning on a dinner party, this is a great way to have fun whilst also enjoying your Hallowe’en menu

Prepare and host your own murder mystery party.

Treasure hunt

Another twist on a classic if you have plenty of guests coming to your party, this is a great way of a little Hallowe’en fun.

Round up your guests into small teams – trios work really – and give them a clue that points them in the right direction of their treasure (when they solve it of course!).

As well as hiding their treasure, you can have some spooky goings on too like someone hiding and leaping out at them or getting them to rummage for their treasure in a dark box in a very dark corner of the garage…

Who am I?

Movie villains usually get the biggest hiss from the audience but we are also drawn to the bad guy or gal in the movie too.

As everyone arrives, pin the name of a well-known movie baddie on their backs and, as they make conversation with each other, they need to find out who they are. Add pressure by allowing only five questions, all of which have to be closed questions i.e. answered with a yes or no.

For fun, throw in a random character that is not a movie baddie at all but a children’s cartoon character.

Who says Hallowe’en is just for kids?!