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child painting a face on a paper plate

6 Easy After-School Boredom Busting Activities

The kids have been back at school for a few weeks now and after school boredom is starting to get to them. Fill the void between coming home time and tea time with these entertaining and fantastic boredom busting activities on colder evenings.

The simple and easy solution is to turn the TV or gaming console on but with many parents concerned about the amount of screen time kids are getting, it’s no wonder that we are looking for cheap party games and after-school activities.

We’ve come up with a few suggestions;

Family X-Factor

TV is awash with reality TV and talent shows so why not have your own talent show right at home.

The Family X-Factor is a chance to be fun and active together and is great for when the kids get home from school and are still buzzing. We love this on a Friday night when there is no need to rush to bed.

Give the kids chance to prepare their act and then when everyone is home from work and hungry bellies filled, enjoy a night of singing and dancing.

Get creative –  cheap party games are not just for birthday parties. Why not enjoy them as short, fun activities after-school?


The one thing about coming home from school is that kids are hungry. But rather than snacking on chocolate and sweets, why not have a regular session after school where you create your all create your own snacks using particular ingredients?

Get creative – use fruits and sandwiches to create scenes like sheep in a field or a seascape on a plate. Invest in cookie cutters for making homemade healthy cookies as well creating shapes in sandwiches.


Keep the creative juices flowing with storytelling and mini-productions. Either create your own stories over a few days or use a favourite book and pull out the dressing up trunk.

Get creative – create your own props using empty cereal packets and so on.

Create your own race track

Sometimes, the best activities are those that are homemade and we think this is one of them. All you need is coloured sticky tape to mark out roads and rail tracks. Use Lego blocks to create buildings and if you are very advance in your Lego building skills, create a bridge or even a tunnel.

Get creative – why not dress up too and use the homemade floor map as part of your storytelling activity?

Tabletop football

Using a large piece of cardboard, paint it green and then add the markings of a football pitch using either white paint or white tape.

Leave it to dry. Using a light ball like a ping pong ball and a paper straw each, play ‘air soccer’ against the clock – 30 seconds is usually enough because all the blowing can make you dizzy!

Get creative – why not have a round robin ‘league table’ where you all enjoy timed games. The winner gets a standing ovation and a small prize.

Mad Scientists

Introducing your children to different things is all part of being a parent and that doesn’t mean you have to leave the maths and science to the school curriculum.

Explaining how plants suck up water and how they use it is explained with this fantastic after school activity that can run for a few days. You’ll need some basic equipment like jam jars, water and food colouring.

Place flowers in the different coloured pots – white flowers work best, like daisies or carnations – and watch as they change colour over the coming days. You can experiment with other things too, like turning cabbage leaves into all kinds of colours.

Get creative – go the full hog with the white scientist coat and goggles. Help them write up their experiment, great for older kids who will need to learn this valuable reporting skill for high school. For smaller kids, make a poster about their experiment and what happened and why they think this is the case. They could share their findings with grandparents when they visit.

Other ideas…

There are seasonal activities too, from creating your own Christmas tree decorations to creating an Easter tree with painted eggshells, to making Christmas and birthday cards for special people. Sometimes, it is the simplest things that bring the most rewards.