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An Alternative St. Patrick’s Day Party

There are many party themes that adults and children can enjoy. In fact, for many of us, we don’t need much of an excuse to throw open the doors and welcome, family, friends and neighbours for a party full of fun and merriment.

St. Patricks’ day is renowned for being a great time of year to have a get together with friends. You may not have a direct link to Ireland or Irish blood, but the saint that Ireland claimed as their own was thought to have been born in Wales. And, as we are a multicultural society, you don’t need an excuse to enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day party.

But, if you want a party with than a few drops of the Black Stuff, read on…

Irish Stew – Fantastic Party Fare

Synonymous with Ireland is Irish stew but, as you would expect, there is always a lively debate about what constitutes an authentic Irish stew.

Recognised as early as 1800s in Ireland, the main ingredients say some is mutton, a fattier, stronger tasting meat although using lamb is perfectly acceptable. There are also suggestions that Irish stew could also be made with goat although some people dispute this.

To this, you add potatoes, onions and parsley and say some people, adding carrots and parsley is also permissible.

The stew is simmered and cooked slowly over several hours. If you don’t have the time to supervise a boiling pan, a slow cooker can be the perfect piece of equipment to help keep your St Patrick Day revellers well-fed and happy.

Traditional Brown Soda Bread

Serve a hearty portion of your Irish stew with a bread also synonymous with Ireland – traditional soda bread.

Simple and inexpensive, it is a bread that is easy to make as is the perfect accompaniment to the stew, giving your St Patrick’s Day revellers the perfect tool with which to mop up the last of the delicious stew juices.

There are many recipes online but we think the traditional brown soda bread recipe is ideal.

Entertainment – Irish Songs

A St Patrick’s Day party wouldn’t be complete without entertainment. As well as Irish music, you could always lead a sing-sign with your guests.

Pre-plan this with printed lyrics as well as accompanying music, kick back and sing your lungs out. Irish songs of old, as they are in other countries, were used to carry messages and stories from one generation to another.

There are many well-known Irish songs to choose from so take some time to consider which ones you will introduce your party to.

Let’s Dance!

We all seen the Irish dancers with their lighting quick footwork, marvelled at its pace as well as the spirit of the dance. Now you have sung your heart out, enjoyed a delicious Irish stew the time has come to get the party started with dancing – but not any old dancing: the Irish jig.

It involves a lot of jumping and flicking of feet, ankles and knees but it is a dance that captures the spirit of Ireland, the friendliness of the country and the true spirit of St Patrick Day celebrations.

Wear Green

Encourage all our guests to wear a little green, even if it isn’t their favourite colour. It is thought that cheeky, naughty leprechauns that pinch revellers are unable to see anyone dressed in green.

Make sure you tell people on your invitations that green is an essential component of the dress code.

Attend a Local Parade or Festival

There are St Patrick’s Day parades not just in Ireland but across the country and the world – anywhere where there is a strong connection to the Irish heritage, there is sure to be some kind of parade or festival. Getting involved is a great way of kick starting your party.

Accessorise the party venue

As you would expect with other popular party themes, decorating your party venue is essential for forming the backdrop of a party.

The colours of the Irish flag – green, white and orange – should form the basis of any decorating. Be liberal with shamrock cardboard cut outs too and no Irish-themed party would be complete without a drop or two of Guinness.

Make sure you have plenty of balloons – a great way to mark your party venue for people to know they have the right place, as well as for inside the party venue too.

Enjoy everything that this festival has to offer with friends, family and neighbours!