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Baby Shower Ideas for New Mums!

The baby shower has come to British shores in recent years but has been commonplace in other countries and cultures for a long time.

In some cultures, a baby shower is held before the baby arrives but in others, it is held once the baby has been delivered and is a way of helping Mum with her new infant. They were normally held once, for the first born but in recent times, it has become acceptable to have a baby shower for baby’s number two, three and so on!

As a relatively new idea here, we can sometimes struggle to come up with baby shower ideas. We have a complete guide to organising a great party!

Baby shower musts!

#1 Get the word out

Before you make any decisions about games and gift ideas, you need to make sure that the people you want there are invited – and in good time so that they can save the date.

If you are organising the party on behalf of someone, you will need to check when they want the shower – before or after the birth. Although we like to organise surprises, being heavily pregnant or in the first few weeks of being mum can both be difficult times and having people descend on your home or being at the centre of attention can be difficult.

The idea is for mum to be pampered and to enjoy herself which means she needs to be comfortable with the baby shower.

#2 Have a colour theme

Having a theme colour is great for the invite cards as well as the table settings and decorations. You don’t have to opt for pink or blue, or ‘neutral’ yellow. Current on-trend colours for baby showers include a bright palette or earthy tones such as mustard yellow, sage green and so on.

Like other party decorations, choose two colours and a third as an accent theme.

#3 Get the buffet sorted

Baby showers are informal affairs where people gather to exchanges tales and gifts with the mum-to-be. Therefore, the food needs to be simple and eaten off a napkin on the hand.

And like most parties when it comes to food, preparing as much of it as you can beforehand is key. In fact, no one expects anything hot at the bay shower buffet, so keep it simple but delicious with mini-quiches and pizzas, a mixture of sandwiches along with vegetables crudités and dips.

Great baby showers ideas

You can of course, keep it simple and just enjoy a relaxed afternoon together. Or you can choose a theme from the latest on-trend ideas (or create your own):

  • French countryside – great for summer-time baby showers. Take your inspiration from the lavender-strewn fields of the French countryside and opt for laciness and everything to do with be-be. Remember, the baby show is about the mum-to-be so it doesn’t matter if she is carrying a boy or girl; the party theme is for her.
  • Daisy baby shower – we love this idea as it looks bright and fun. Choose two main colours – bright yellow ‘daisy’ shaped flowers and a white background and stick to it. Get cupcakes made, all with a super-looking yellow daisy on top, and keep the colours running throughout the décor and buffet.
  • Alphabet baby shower – the alphabet ad numbers have long been associated with babies and so choose you colour palate and stick with the pattern of letters and numbers. Remember alphabet cubes? Get a cube cake made for the baby shower! Guests will love it.
  • Brunch baby shower – this is an idea that is catching on and is popular with mum-to-be’s too. Gather for brunch together, still using a colour theme and keep the brunch simple with a bacon, quiche and so on.

Don’t forget the other kids!

Many people like a baby shower to be child-friendly too as it is a great way to include other children in the family in the upcoming event of welcoming a new sibling, step-sibling, cousin and so on.

Parting gift or not?

Whether you supply a party bag for your departing guests or not is entirely up to you and can in some cases, make it too expensive.

There are also suggestions of creating a gift list by the mum-to-be, but many people prefer the party and baby shower gifts to be the choice of guests rather than something off a tick list.

As well as being time spent enjoying each other’s company, you can also create some great memories as well as playing some delightful baby shower party games.