Back to Skool…

Back to Skool…

…or college, or, for many of us, to the wonderful world of work.  There may have been the odd day or two back at work post-Christmas already (more for some of us), but this is the Proper ‘Back to’ moment, isn’t it?  The one when all the decos have been taken down and packed away in a mad scramble to avoid the bad luck that may befall us should we not get them in the boxes and up in the loft before the end of the 5th January  Anyone else wonder about just a little teensie bit of bad luck befalling the household because, inevitably, something gets left behind?  A stray card from Great Aunty Maureen that fell behind the radiator.  The plaster Santa made by your beloved son, aged four and one quarter (who is now twelve and three quarters, but still insists on removing it from its bubble wrap each year and placing it on display, despite protestations that it doesn’t fit with your colour scheme).  It has wonky eyes, one twig arm longer than the other, and magically inches his way behind the curtains, only to be discovered on a rare dusting moment sometime later.  Ok, weeks later, then.  And, before I get my knuckles rapped, I know it’s not just me – see this discussion on mumsnet…  And, I’ve discovered, the only bad luck attached to Santa is that he lives to be displayed another year.

This is the ‘Back to’ for which Preparations have to be carried out.  Pencils have been sharpened, lunchboxes emptied, cleaned and re-packed, PE kits washed, ironed and folded into bags ready for the joy of cross country running in the months ahead.  That brings back memories, the thought of pounding round a playing field in the driving rain.  For fun.  And fitness  Apparently.

So, the clock is set.  For early.  Very early.  Far too early in fact, when the rain is lashing against the window, the wind howls like a banshee and darkness still falls, seemingly well into the middle of the morning.  And, looking at the forecast for the foreseeable future, there won’t be much change there then –

Will everyone leap from their beds in your household, singing and grinning?  Or will it be more like ours?  Where the only rush is not for the bathroom, but for tea and toast, with lashings of butter.  And the desire to return to bed with said toast and tea to tuck back under the duvet and avoid rolling over in the crumbs.

Routine.  I guess that’s what it’s all about.  Getting back into a routine.  After a bundle of late nights and early mornings that’s not easy.  But it’s doable.  Wikihow tells us that amongst its top tips for getting into a morning routine is to leave the bedroom  Sounds simple?  Obvious?  Impossible?  It’s a start.  And maybe, just maybe, chatting over tea and toast together with the rest of the family, may be just the start we need to get us Back to Skool on time.