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Birthday songs for Under 5s

As a parent, at the forefront of everything you do, will be how an activity benefits your child.

Providing a range of experiences is one of way of exposing babies, toddlers and young children to what life has to offer.

Creating a well-rounded and happy child means exposing them to all kinds of things, from an educational stand point as well as from a social aspect.

For many children under 5, being with a larger group of children and adults can be an emotional, frightening thing.

So, it may be fun and delightful, but a birthday party can also be incredibly overwhelming, resulting in tears and tantrums.

There is one aspect of a birthday party that can instantly change the mood, and make the whole thing seem less big and scary – and that is music or, more accurately singing.

Kid’s party songs for under 5s (and over!) is a great wat of creating a settled, familiar atmosphere.

#1 Create a safe and secure atmosphere

Familiarity is key in making under 5s feel at home at a party, and less daunted by the sea of faces around them – even when they know and have seen all these children and people before.

Recognisable and familiar songs create a sense of comfort, just like have their favourite toy or blanket with them create a sense of security too. Use songs that they are familiar with both at nursery or kindergarten, as well as using some of the song found on their favourite shows.

#2 Learning and action!

Kid’s party songs are also a great way of children learning all kinds of skills.

Under 2s for example, may not have the vocabulary skills needed to sing a whole entire song but they can certainly be encouraged to perform some of the actions. From clapping in time to the beat of the music, to performing some of the actions such a rowing, climbing, jumping, digging, running on the spot and so on.

There are also traditional sings and games that are also really great fun. Think of the game Musical Statues for example. How much fun is it to get children to dance and sway to music but stop when the music stops?

#3 Speech and coordination

Even for very small children, the power of music and singing is not lost on them. They may not be able to dig or run on the spot, but they can still enjoy participating in the music and the singing.

With children this young, the use of words is not needed – encouraging them to la,la,la their way through a song or help them to clap their hands will be more than enough to reduce babies and toddlers to heaps of giggles!

What songs are best?

As well as using songs that they may be familiar with, you can also introduce music and singing to children’s parties in different ways;

  • Live performance – this isn’t about booking your favourite rock band, but more about buying in the services of a local musical entertainer. There are many party entertainers who specialise in parties for under 5s and they will often sing through all of the song, with the children joining in during the chorus.
  • Bring in musical instruments – making a noise and participating are key for children to understand that they can enjoy music and singing. If your budget won’t stretch to an entertainer, then a CD of kid’s party songs and some basic instruments can be fantastic for half an hour of singing and dancing.
  • Use video too – from YouTube clips to DVDs, using a visual medium can be incredibly helpful too, attracting and keeping attention of the under 5s for a time. Make sure that adults join in and encourage children to sing along or to interact with the party.

Some song suggestions

Down at the Station – great for counting practice and who can resist singing puff, puff, puff’ as the train comes by the platform!

Old MacDonald – everyone must surely know this fabulous nursery rhyme! It’s great for getting kids involved in the party, no matter what their age. You can also sing the song for a few rounds, with a guest picking a farm animal for each round. Get ready with your oinks, moos and clucking!

5 Little Speckled Frogs – not as well known, but a pretty, gentle counting song with a great rhythm that children can tap along to.

Warm up the vocal chords!

We can often feel self-conscious when we sing but once you see the delight on the kid’s faces, you will understand why kids love singing so much.