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Blue Monday

Blue Monday

For most of us, at the best of times, Monday morning can be a bit of a downer.  It’s not just me, is it?  Maybe you open your eyes about five minutes before the alarm goes off, remaining ever hopeful that you can drift back into sleep for, say another hour or two, and you spot that you have two minutes precisely left of sleep time ahead of you. Not good, eh? And this happens every week, a la Groundhog Day.

But there’s one particular Monday each year in mid-January that has become known as Blue Monday, because, statistically speaking, its one big downer for lots of us.  So, however you feel, you’re not alone.  This year it falls on the 20th January.  It’s not exactly rocket science, is it?  It’s the month when the post-Christmas bills hit the doormat (or the Inbox), the weather is dreary (especially so this year, or just my imagination?)  and when the many of the resolutions and good intentions have gone out of the window.  So we’re wracked with guilt, bickering with our significant others and all round finding our mood matches the weather.  Not good.

So, what can we do to beat these blues, to make it through to spring unscathed?

One simple thing, and not too trite I hope, is to count our blessings, look round and recognise what’s good in our lives.  For most of us there will be plenty of simple things.  Our friends and family (the odd bicker or two taken out of the equation).  The fact most of us have a roof over our heads.  Hopefully that we have things to look forward to – maybe we’re in the throes of planning a holiday.  If that’s a bit ambitious from your position under the duvet from where you’re refusing to emerge until the sun shines again and you can feel warmth on your back, perhaps just set some time aside with friends or family.  Do something nice together, without the pressure of Christmas expectations hanging over you.  A nice long walk (avoiding muddy puddles), or a trip to the cinema.  A particular favourite in our house, snuggling down together with popcorn and a large blanket over of collective knees for a film or ‘Come Dine with Me’ night.  Thinking,’ thank goodness it’s not me on there, making a bit of an eejit of myself in front of the nation’.

Singing helps, apparently.  Although listening to my tone deaf trills would send anyone into a deep decline.  Worth a try, perhaps, though?

Just a smile can help.  It cheers you up, and it may just cheer up the person you’re talking to, or passing in the street, although you may need to check your smile in a mirror should they make a mad dash across the road to avoid you…

Why not share your tips to help beat the Monday Blues with us?