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Cheap & Cheerful Party Decoration Ideas

Lorraine Winter

11th November marks Origami Day, the ancient skill of paper folding. And it’s exactly what you need because decorations can be expensive. But there are ways to keep the costs down and decorate on a budget, including making some creative…

Halloween biscuits

5 Quick Last Minute Halloween Party Foods

Lorraine Winter

Do you get stuck for ideas when hosting a Hallowe’en party? We talk about how to create some spooky last minute nibbles that will put a smile on everyone’s face! The invites have gone out. Your guests are making the…

halloween carved pumpkin

Hilarious Adult Halloween Party Games

Lorraine Winter

Halloween is for adults too! We’ve compiled our favourite Halloween party games to keep your friends entertained for the evening. From hosting a murder mystery dinner party to scary treasure hunts, here are seven of our best games – easily…

phone with notebook that says make it happen

How Phone Apps Can Upgrade Your Party Organising

Lorraine Winter

Party organising has never been easier thanks in part to the array of apps available. We take a look at some of our favourite party organising apps that we’ve come across. Which apps would you add to the list? Some…

chocolate covered cake pops

5 Fun Birthday Cake Alternatives

Lorraine Winter

We know it’s a tradition as old as singing ‘Happy Birthday’ but we need to be honest – not everyone enjoys indulging in a birthday cake. From just not being a cake fan to finding the combination of towering tiers…

The Best Vegan Party Food Ideas

Lorraine Winter

What a vegan doesn’t eat Before you can start planning your delicious menu for your party guests, you need to understand what the vegan diet is all about. Essentially, being a vegan is a lifestyle, a choice not to consume…

pizza next to quarter full mason jar glass

7 Tips for Throwing a Fantastic Pizza Party!

Lorraine Winter

Party Pizza Day is celebrated worldwide every May but with pizza surely being the most universally loved food, we think you can have a pizza party any day of the year. Better still, it is a party that works for…

chess board with fallen pieces and two small wooden mannequins

Top 7 Stress-Free Birthday Party Hacks

Lorraine Winter

Birthday parties are about fun, celebrating and having a great time – and that includes the host! But for many of us, hosting the perfect party can lead to stress, stress and more stress. Follow these hacks for a fantastic…

three women at a masquerade ball

13 Hen Party Bag Filler Ideas

Lorraine Winter

Your hen is over. It’s time to stumble home and fall into bed. Why not leave your hens something to smile about in the haze of their hangover? #1 Hen party hangover survival kit Essential for the morning-after-the-night-before, this ‘survival…

pink paper party favour bags with hearts

6 Ideas for Memorable Party Favours for All Ages

Lorraine Winter

Party bags can present parents with many issues, especially those stuffed full of sweets and other high-sugar snacks. The time has come to rescue kids party bags and we have some great ideas for memorable party favours. How to Create…