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Halloween biscuits

5 Quick Last Minute Halloween Party Foods

Lorraine Winter

Do you get stuck for ideas when hosting a Hallowe’en party? We talk about how to create some spooky last minute nibbles that will put a smile on everyone’s face! The invites have gone out. Your guests are making the…

chocolate covered cake pops

5 Fun Birthday Cake Alternatives

Lorraine Winter

We know it’s a tradition as old as singing ‘Happy Birthday’ but we need to be honest – not everyone enjoys indulging in a birthday cake. From just not being a cake fan to finding the combination of towering tiers…

The Best Vegan Party Food Ideas

Lorraine Winter

What a vegan doesn’t eat Before you can start planning your delicious menu for your party guests, you need to understand what the vegan diet is all about. Essentially, being a vegan is a lifestyle, a choice not to consume…

pizza next to quarter full mason jar glass

7 Tips for Throwing a Fantastic Pizza Party!

Lorraine Winter

Party Pizza Day is celebrated worldwide every May but with pizza surely being the most universally loved food, we think you can have a pizza party any day of the year. Better still, it is a party that works for…

food buffet

7 Tips for a Great Buffet on a Budget

Lorraine Winter

A successful buffet takes a little planning but with these great hints and tips, your guests will love the array of delicious food on offer. And better still, your budget won’t be stretched too far either! An important part of…

iced cupcakes with candles

Integrate Your Party Theme into Your Food & Drink

Lorraine Winter

The right theme can make or break even the best parties, but itdoesn’t have to stop at the décor. It’s time to give your party the most delicious kind of makeover! There is no doubt that for most party goers,…

7 Tips to Encourage Picky Eaters

Lorraine Winter

Mealtime can be a battleground in many homes across the country. Children refusing to eat certain foods or even declaring they ‘won’t eat anything red’ sends shivers down the spines of many parents. Encouraging our children to eat a wide…

4 of the SIMPLEST birthday cake ideas EVER!

Lorraine Winter

The birthday cake is often the crowning glory of a birthday party, not matter how old the birthday boy or girl is. Often met with gasps of delight and wonder, many birthday cakes often look too good to cut. If…

The perfect snacks for your party bags

Lorraine Winter

The party or loot bag is the perfect way to end a party. In fact, it is a tradition that stems decades but, it is as much a part of the party as singing happy birthday as the candles are…

How to make a Minion Birthday Cake!

Lorraine Winter

  Minions are incredibly popular and no surprise when you consider how unique these characters are. With their own language, and cute looks, many children have fallen in love ‘Despicable Me’ with the film as well as these adorable characters….