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pink paper party favour bags with hearts

6 Ideas for Memorable Party Favours for All Ages

Lorraine Winter

Party bags can present parents with many issues, especially those stuffed full of sweets and other high-sugar snacks. The time has come to rescue kids party bags and we have some great ideas for memorable party favours. How to Create…

Party fillers

What and How Much to Put in Party Bags?

Lorraine Winter

Who knew that the humble party bag could become a source of angst, underpinning diplomatic relations between family and friends? But it can. Place too much in the party bag, and there can be an outright party bag war as…

two children holding hands

10 Party Bag Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Lorraine Winter

Party bags are a great way of saying thank you to guests for coming to your party, as well as the signal that it is time for the party to wind up.   Whether or not kids expect a party…

childrens party balloons

7 Ideas for Great Kid’s Party Favours

Lorraine Winter

The definition of a favour is to do someone an act of kindness which is why party favours, party bags and loot bags are a great treat for your young guests at the end of a party! And who doesn’t…

childrens filled party bags

Party bags ideas for boys!

Lorraine Winter

You have a long list of what needs to be done and ready in time for the party for your birthday boy to go with a swing. You have all the boy’s birthday supplies that you need, time is ticking…

How to turn party bags into posh party bags!

Lorraine Winter

The party bag must surely be one the most iconic staples of any birthday party. And yet, it is a tradition that seems to be shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. Some say that party bags and fillers is a tradition…

The perfect snacks for your party bags

Lorraine Winter

The party or loot bag is the perfect way to end a party. In fact, it is a tradition that stems decades but, it is as much a part of the party as singing happy birthday as the candles are…

The ultimate guide to kid’s party bags

Lorraine Winter

Your child’s birthday party is an important social engagement. They are the delightful few hours hat friends and family come together to celebrate a birthday. Likewise, it is also a time in which children learn important social niceties. There are…

Fun party bag fillers that don’t include sweets

Lorraine Winter

You have everything planned to perfection; the theme is decided, the invites have been sent out and the RSVPs have come flooding back in. You have the cake on order, a whole heap of party games up your sleeve and…

Party Bag Etiquette – Some ‘Dos’ (and a few ‘Don’ts’)

The party’s drawing to a close, the kids have done with running around, pinning tails on donkeys, playing musical statues (it’s tough to keep still when you’re say, 5, isn’t it?) and they are beginning to line up just in…