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Cake smashing, anyone?

  A 1st birthday is a wonderful milestone that deserves to be marked in a spectacular way!  Your baby won’t remember it, but you and your friends and family will, and you can create brilliant memories to share with your child when they grow older.  Oh, and for you to keep too….

A new trend from America is a great way of capturing a first birthday.  Cake smashing, anyone?  It’s a brilliantly informal photography idea – use a professional photographer, or easy enough to DIY with your own digital camera.  It works well with video or stills.

First – create your cake.  A simple sponge works well – nothing too fancy or with too much time and money invested into it – because you’re going to decorate it simply – with buttercream icing and sprinkles, pop in front of your baby and allow them to go for it.  The result is, hopefully, a fine old mess, lots of giggles and smiles, and some great shots for the memory box.

It’s best to avoid some ingredients – chocolate and red colouring in the icing to name two – both a bit messy.  You want your cake to break up easily – buttercream icing is the best for that, and not straight from the fridge.  And you preferably want your child to be sitting somewhere where their sticky fingers won’t be attracted to pristine walls of furniture.

And maybe don’t put them in their finest party clothes – keep something to change into – as a fine old mess is the whole point of the exercise.

Your cake smash can either take place at your child’s party, or in advance with the photos going on the invites, either works well.  If it takes place at the party be prepared for others to join in – because if there are other little ones there, who could resist a jolly old smash?!

We have some great first birthday themes and ideas at https://www.partybagsandsupplies.co.uk/baby-shower-and-1st-birthday-party/1st-birthday-themes/to complement your cake smash.  There’s the ever popular and timeless Dumbo or Winnie the Pooh, ladybirds, busy bees, and themes for boys or girls.  Fill your party room with our balloons and banners, piñatas and bunting.  Decorate the table with colourful cups, plates and napkins.  And a party hat will make a cute addition to the cake smashing photos – if you can get your baby to keep one on!