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Blue Monday

Blue Monday For most of us, at the best of times, Monday morning can be a bit of a downer.  It’s not just me, is it?  Maybe you open your eyes about five minutes before the alarm goes off, remaining ever hopeful that you can drift back into sleep for, say another hour or two, …

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‘Us’ Time

‘Us’ time The proliferation of baking programmes such as Junior Masterchef https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/shows/junior-masterchef are to blame, if blame is the right word, for a new found interest, in our household at least, in baking.  Not cooking, but baking.  Baking is so much more satisfying than cooking, isn’t it?  It’s something beyond the day to day.  A …

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Back to Skool…

Back to Skool… …or college, or, for many of us, to the wonderful world of work.  There may have been the odd day or two back at work post-Christmas already (more for some of us), but this is the Proper ‘Back to’ moment, isn’t it?  The one when all the decos have been taken down …

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The First Resolution

When do you start thinking about your resolutions? Before the 1st January? Straight after you’ve fallen onto the sofa surrounded by unopened carrier bags, sipping from a cup of cocoa? Before you’ve hung away those ‘impulse buys’? Can you hear your justifications, year on year, ‘I will wear it, honest. Maybe to that party. You …

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