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Queen Elizabeth II

Celebrate the Queen’s Birthday in Style

Turning 91 years old, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest serving monarch not just of Britain but in the world, a feat alone that is worthy of a party.

But like all royal family occasions, they welcome us to join in with their celebrations, not that we need much of an excuse to throw a party here at Party Bags and Supplies!

As well as her actual birthday on 21st April, the Queen has a second birthday, normally on the second Saturday in June. With a few weeks to plan, here are a few ideas for hosting a regal get-together with family and friends.

A ‘Street Party’ in the Garden

A street party isn’t always possible unless you live well away from main roads and your road is a quiet cul-de-sac but even then, there are health and safety considerations to take into account.

You may also find that your local council takes a dim view of your street party unless you apply for the correct permissions and have insurance etc.

The best way to hold your street party for friends and neighbours is to hold it in the back garden. Just like the parties held at the palace, you could make it into a quaint tea or garden party!

So, get the gazebo out and let’s make this a party to remember.

Flags and Bunting

First on the list for setting the scene for your Queen’s birthday garden party is to make sure there is an abundance of Union Jacks and plenty of bunting to decorate the garden and gazebo.

No need to hold back on the number of flags or the amount of bunting because it goes without saying that this is a party of excess, and that means not rationing the red, white and blue false and bunting in your gazebo and garden.

Keep the red, white and blue theme going with streamers that mix the three colours, as well as plates, paper cups and serviettes that match the theme.

If you want to ring the changes use the great British icon the British bulldog and look for party accessories festooned with pastel versions of the Union Jack flag.

A Regal Feast

Food and drink is essential for any party but certainly for the garden party that celebrates her Majesty’s 91st birthday.

Friends and neighbours can all bring dishes but you need to make sure that there are the basics to make sure the buffet is as bountiful as possible for guests.

Don’t forget the buffet classics of pork pies, as well as vol-au-vents filled with the usual classic fillings such as white mushroom sauce, chicken and for a dash of decadence, add prawn vol-au-vents too.

Make sure there is plenty of salad dishes too and plenty of iconic ‘British’ sauces and condiments to add more flavour to your buffet. Consider using locally sourced and produced produce too, such as the exquisite cheeses produced on many farm and dairies across the country.

Ask neighbours to bring any homemade relishes and vegetables they produce too, a great way to celebrate British culture and foods, if ever there was one!


Getting together to celebrate her Majesty’s birthday is a great excuse for playing games! As we know, the Queen has a love of horses and anything with an equestrian theme is perfect…

  • Create an obstacle course around your garden. In teams of four, the group have to make their way around the course without using any additional props and without losing contact as a team of four. Easier said than done…
  • As a team, they need to negotiate the shark-infested lawn using only a few sheets of A4 paper to do so. Anyone that falls off the paper will be instantly eaten by the sharks and leaves the team

There are all kinds of outdoor games that you can play that will bring many laughs and create fantastic memories. There are gams for kids to play, like arranging a royal-themed treasure hunt and then you need some games that everyone can get involved in.

Have plenty of prizes too!

Bidding your Guests Farewell

Unless you are happy for your back lawn to be taken over until the wee hours, you might want to send a subtle signal that the party is coming to an end.

A great way to do this is to have party bags for your guests as they live. The Queen has all kinds of gifts bestowed on her and this generosity goes both ways with many partying guests receiving a small token of appreciation from time to time.

With our range of party bags and fillers, you will be hard pushed to make a choice. But for children, include a small gift as well as a toy they can play with, or some kind of stationery.

What will you include in your regal-themed party and celebrate the Queen’s 91st birthday?