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Three colourful balloons

Cheap & Cheerful Party Decoration Ideas

11th November marks Origami Day, the ancient skill of paper folding. And it’s exactly what you need because decorations can be expensive. But there are ways to keep the costs down and decorate on a budget, including making some creative accessories with origami.

From dinner parties to Christmas get-togethers, we have the cheap, cheerful and fun decorating ideas you need to say within your party budget!

  1. Fork placeholders

Hosting a dinner party? Do away with fancy name holders by using the prongs of the forks as the name card holder. Fork prongs can accommodate any shape from pretty cut out butterflies to rectangle pieces of card.

  1. ‘Ticker-tape’ garland

You probably remember making these as a child – glueing pieces of gummed coloured paper together to form a string of colour from one corner of the ceiling to the other. Relatively cheap to buy, you can also make your own from coloured paper cut into strips and glued together in a ring garland. Stick with bright colours or create same-coloured strings for when you have a colour theme going on.

  1. Tissue paper garland

Tissue paper is not only cheap but available in a range of bright and pastel colours. Find yourself a pair of scissors and read through Pretty Prudent’s instructions on how to create a pretty tissue garland.

  1. Terracotta plant pots

Small terracotta plant pots can be picked up in stores for no more than a couple of pounds each, depending on their size, and they have a myriad of uses. We love the idea of using them as holders for cutlery, serviettes and the like at parties and buffets. Of course, you don’t have to buy them – if you have some lying around, give them a good wash and clean before use, spruce them up by either painting or decorating, and place them with cutlery etc. for your guests to grab.

  1. Lollipop table runner

We love the idea of reusing things. Come the summer, hold onto the wooden lollipop sticks from ices and lollies to make this fantastic table runner from At Home In Love. You don’t have to make one this big, you can smaller mats for the outdoor table and of course, you can paint it any colour or colours you like.

  1. Cup case garland

Back to garlands again but we think this idea was worth including. Paper cupcakes and muffin cases come in a range of colours and patterns these days and again, the fact that they are cheap is a bonus. But if you are a baker, you probably have a few odds and ends of paper cases lying around in your cupboard and if you do, grab some string, make a hole in the centre of each case and thread on to make a pretty garland. Ideal for adding colour.

  1. Origami shapes

Origami is the amazing skill of folding paper to create all kinds of different shapes and structures, from animal to flowers. Made from scrap pieces of coloured paper, with time and patience you too can master origami. We’ve come across this fabulous video for creating origami flowers, perfect we think as table decorations as well as on food serving plates and so on. There is a therapeutic value and a real skill to origami – give it a go!

  1. Jazz up balloons

Balloons are great but even when they are different colours and patterned, they can still be a little too ‘normal’. You can easily jazz up balloons by;

  • Adding coloured confetti or homemade scraps of tissue paper ripped into small pieces in light coloured or clear balloons – making your own will cost less than half the price of pre-made confetti balloons.
  • Cheap glow sticks of the smaller kind can be bought for a pound or two from some high street shops – simply snap it so it starts to glow, pop into the balloon, blow it up, tie it off and you have a glowing balloon!
  1. Fabric tassels

Got a few old t-shirts hanging around? Before you send them to be recycled, you can create your own fabric tassels. Cut up your t-shirts into a square, bunch it at the top and tie off with string and then cut into tassels from the edge to the top. String together to make a garland.

  1. Invest in party decorating kits

Party decorating kits are not a huge investment of your party budget but offer you many opportunities for creating a backdrop to your party that is fun and cheerful!